Pennsylvania’s 7th Annual INCREDIBLE Angel Food Cake Contest


The Angel Food Cake Contest is returning to the competitive exhibit lineup at the Troy Fair this year. The INCREDIBLE Angel Food Cake contest , sponsored by Pennsylvania Egg Farmers and the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs, will be held on July 24.

Baking a cake is a very rewarding area of home cookery. There are two main types of cakes, butter and foam (egg=leavened). Angel Food is the classic example of a foam cake. The cake is 100% fat-free and, because of the eggs, is a good source of the highest quality protein, as well a source of choline, which is essential to memory and brain development.

Prizes will be: 1st Place $35.00; 2nd Place $25.00; and 3rd Place $15.00. The winning cake will be eligible for competition at the PA Farm Show in January, 2011, where the winner will receive $500.00 for First Prize.

When entering your cake, which must be made from scratch and using eggs produced in Pennsylvania, you must also submit the recipe.

Cakes will be judged on the following categories and percentages:

30% Flavor (smell, taste, flavoring)

25% Inside Characteristics (texture, lightness)

20% Overall appearance (surface, size, color)

15% Creativity

10% Topping, Icing, or Decoration

If you have any questions, contact Bonnie Borek from the Troy Fair at 297-8971 or by e-mail to

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