Roy and Melanie Fields to join New Life Church for a ‘Week of Worship’

The New Life Church of Canton is pleased to announce Roy and Melanie Fields of “Run with Fire Ministries” will once again be coming to New Life Church for a “Week of Worship”. Join them nightly beginning on Sunday, August 8, and each night until Saturday, August 14 at 7 p.m.

Roy began leading worship at age 14. At 21, Fields was spending part of his time playing the guitar and piano with worship leaders such as Nick Coetzee and making frequent trips to the Brownsville Revival where world renown worship leader, Lindell Cooley would lead. Roy was very taken in by the passion that Lindell had for the Lord in his worship and it changed everything.

Tell your friends and neighbors and come out to New Life Church for a great time of worship. Roy says, “It’s during those times with the Lord that people’s lives are being transformed.”

New Life Church is located 2.3 miles north of Canton, and 7.7 miles south of Troy on Rt. 14 and McMurray Road. For more information visit and click on Roy Field’s advertisement on the home page, or call the church office at (570) 673-5810.

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