Wilcox-Butters Families Met On July 25, 2010 In Spite Of A Rainy Day

The descendents of Elliot Uriah and Terzah Elvira Wilcox and Della Butters Wilcox met for the 70th / 71st time at Round Top Park, Athens Township on July 25, 2010 with 81 people present. The weather was wet, and a heavy shower hit as we were driving over and while the food committee was setting up. That did not stop them; lunch was great. Thank you Food Committee! Everyone seemed to have a very good time in spite of the drippy weather.

Our meeting was called to order by Vice President George Wilcox, as Lester W. has had knee surgery and was unable to attend. Please pray that it is only a temporary setback.

George and Mary Wilcox are also celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! The minutes were distributed and approved and we discussed whether to meet at this pavilion, or back at pavilion #5 next year. #11 was the winner, so we will be back here next year.

We had a show of hands to see how many Butters descendents were present, and it seemed like nearly half of those present were descendents of Della Butters and Harry Wilcox.

The food committee agreed to take charge of the food again next year. Nominations were requested, but previous president and vice-president were retained. I would like to move on with something else, so Rita is willing to try to do this duty. Maybe someone else would consider helping with this next year.

Mary Wilcox (Mrs. George) is working on the cookbook, but would like help contracting people for more recipes and information. Please contact her at RR1 Box 269 Milan, PA 18831, of call 596-3089. Please contact our immediate families to get their information to her ASAP.

We had another (well-organized) silent auction this year and raised $193. We’ll try this again next year, so be thinking about it. We’re also asking you all to think of an amusing, not too embarrassing, incident with each other and record it on a card or note to be collected and put in the Wilcox book – with permission, of course. For more information, contact me at (570) 512-3332. If you can send a recipe or bring something next year for the auction, please contact me or Mary or Rita Scalf at (570) 596-3663. Hoping to see you, and more of you, next year on July 24.

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