Painting the town pink

Painting the town pink

From left, Jim Cook, Pam Sherman and Heather Sherman get the donated Western Allliance basket ready for the auction.

Hospital workers, business owners and community members donned their pink on Thursday, October 28 to participate in the third annual Pink Day at Troy Community Hospital, an affiliate of Guthrie Healthcare System. This special day was all about breast cancer awareness. It was set up in the hallway of the hospital, outside the radiology department. There were over ninety-five items donated by businesses and individuals for the Chinese auction. In addition a quilt was raffled off. This year’s quilt had windmill patterns stitched on it because of the new addition of windmills to nearby Armenia Mountain.

Painting the town pink

Items for the Chinese auction give the message that there's Hope for breast cancer survivors.

“Pink Day” was started by the radiology department in 2008 with a quilt raffle. The handmade quilt was donated by a mammography patient for a raffle to benefit the mammography department. From this, the radiology department decided to make the last Thursday in October “Pink Day” in support of breast cancer awareness, which is celebrated nationally as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month during the month of October. “Pink Day” grew to include the Chinese auction and the quilt raffle, with proceeds going into a charity fund. Local businesses jumped on the band wagon and joined in with donations of items for the auction or money given directly to the fund. Residents and staff of Martha Lloyd Community Services had a fundraiser and donated all of their proceeds to the “Pink Day” fund. This year, as part of the breast cancer awareness, the radiology department offered a tour of the digital mammography department. A special low cost $80 mammogram screening was available during the entire month of October to those who qualified.

Painting the town pink

Looking at the items in the basket donated by Western Alliance, Kelly Bastion said, "It has a lot of nice stuff!" Carla Sandor added, "We love it! Great job, Jim!"

“All proceeds go to the Troy Community Hospital patient mammography charity fund,” explained Pam Sherman, director of the radiology department. “The fund is for women who can’t afford a mammogram or follow up care.”

One of the popular items in the auction was a large basket full of a variety of items donated by Western Alliance Emergency Medical Services in Troy. The basket was hand made from grape vines by Jim Cook, ALS/BLS coordinator for Western Alliance E.M.S. Cook gathered the grape vines from his property on Barclay Mountain and wove it himself. Speaking fondly of his memories, Cook said, “My grandparents taught me how to weave when I was nine or ten years old.” Cook started weaving again about six years ago and recently started donating his baskets to charitable causes. “This is the second basket I have made for charity,” explained Cook. It stands to reason that when Erica Cummings from the radiology department of the hospital called Western Alliance to see if they would like to participate in the Chinese auction for breast cancer awareness, Jim Cook gladly offered his artistic ability with his co-workers pitching in to help.

Painting the town pink

Digital mammography machine in the radiology department.

Breast cancer awareness is not just for “Pink Day” or just during the month of October. Any time is right for all women to take the time for the preventive care that is so very important and could save their lives. On the wall of the room in the hospital where digital mammography is performed, a poster says it very well…”One picture saves a thousand lives.”

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