Apple crunch

Apple crunch

Second graders at Mosherville School eat their apples while they work on a writing project about the senses.

It wasn’t a good year for apples. An early spring, followed by three hard freezes between April 1 and May 1, and drought conditions for most of the summer meant local apple orchards were hard hit and had to close earlier this year. “It was a very unusual year with the apple bloom coming so early,” said David Loomis, owner of Bohlayer’s Orchard in Troy. Bohlayer’s trees produced only 50 percent of their normal apple crop and only one third of their pears. “We were just happy we had something,” Loomis continued.

Apple Crunch

Kindergarten students at Mosherville School want to know "How many seeds does your apple have?"

In spite of this, the Troy School District was able to participate in the Great Pennsylvania Apple Crunch! on Wednesday, October 27. Apple Crunch was started by PANA – Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity, a coalition working to promote healthy eating and to fight the obesity epidemic that has become so widespread. Bohlayer’s Orchards and Gardiner’s Farms of Troy donated apples to Troy and Canton School Districts. All students and teachers were given apples for a tasty nutritional treat. Loomis was glad to be a part of it. “We were happy to donate. It’s a great event and a nutritious event!”

Many of the elementary classes not only enjoyed a healthy, delicious snack, but turned it into a fun learning experience. The kindergarten class at Mosherville School counted their apple seeds and made a chart as a math activity. Second graders ate their apples, intensely concentrating on their senses that were awakened. They wrote about their apple eating experience. As one second grader wrote, “When I bit into my apple it felt tingly. Wow! My apple is so awesome!”

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