Seven MU Faculty to be Retrenched

Seven active Mansfield University of Pennsylvania faculty members in five departments have been notified that they will be retrenched as of June 3, 2011 as part of an ongoing effort to address budget challenges at the university. Retrenchment refers to position elimination.

MU President Maravene Loeschke made the announcement in an address to faculty, staff and students.

In September, Loeschke announced the possibility of 11 positions being eliminated. The reduced number is attributed to a number of factors including unexpected retirements, potential revenue from fees, curriculum delivery revision and other interconnected financial factors, Loeschke said. “As of this date, we do not expect the number of retrenchments to increase.”

“However,” she added, “It is imperative that we all recognize and understand the critical status of the economy in Pennsylvania. Our future depends on our ability to plan responsibly for a financially sustainable future, even though the decisions we must make to secure that future are extremely painful.”

The five affected departments are Chemistry and Physics; Communication and Theatre; English and Foreign Languages; Social Work, Sociology and Anthropology; and Music.

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