Thursday Study Club news

The Thursday Study Club met on Oct. 21 at the First Baptist Church in Troy. Twenty seven members were present. The Refreshment committee consisting of Ellen Herrington, Carol Lane, Carolyln Chappell, Sibyl Pyle and Joan Sinnigen served a delicious apple cake with cool whip, coffee and/or tea. The tables were decorated in the Fall Theme with yellow table cloths.

After the business meeting the program was open to the public. Abby Werlock introduced Tim Potter from NASA. Potter is Werlock’s brother. Potter presented “The earth is the cradle of mankind, but one cannot live in the cradle forever,” By: Tsiolkovsky. Potter used powerpoint to explain his program. This Space Shuttle expert presented an informative talk on his experiences at the John F. Kennedy Space Center where he has worked for the past two decades. Potter has conducted launch countdown and landing activities for all 19 shuttle flights since the return to flight following the Columbia accident. As a NASA Test Director, he is responsible for the overall well being and safety of the workforce in the Launch Complex 39 processing areas. Potter also conducts the integrated testing of the Space Shuttle fleet and the launch countdowns from the firing rooms in the Launch Control Center. Potter returned to his position at the space center for the Nov. 1 launch.

The next meeting of the Thursday Study Club will be on Nov. 18. It will be at the First United Methodist Church in Troy. Pastor Richard Noggle will present his program on his trip to Sierra Leona.

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