Pat Kane Releases ‘Christmas on the Farm’

Pat Kane, a well known regional folk musician, has announced the release of his long-awaited Christmas recording, titled “Christmas on the Farm.” It is a double CD, containing thirty-six of his favorite holiday songs and tunes. Kane says, “I wanted to call this A Simple Christmas, because the music is done in a folk style, with simple arrangements.” He chose the current title to celebrate having moved back to his family farm where he was raised, near Addison, N.Y. Some selections are distinctly Irish, but most are familiar traditional carols.

Pat Kane and his family have had a long connection with Christmas music. For nearly 40 years, 11 Kane siblings, with their children, have sung to their neighbors and friends on Christmas Eve. Around their mother’s neighborhood in Addison, they go caroling; it was a tradition falling out of practice in the 1970s when they began, but it has become an expected part of Christmas in Addison.

Pat Kane has performed each year for municipal Christmas tree lighting ceremonies in towns throughout the region, and each December in Elmira has hosted his own “Community Christmas Carol-longs” for families who want to share a dinner and an evening of singing.

His music fans have long requested him to record his own Christmas CD, but it has been difficult to accomplish. Kane says, “I’m kind of a Scrooge for most of the year. I don’t like seeing Christmas advertisements or hearing the music until Advent begins… then I’m all in.” This doesn’t allow enough time to produce and distribute recordings, so this year Pat began in February, recording once a week with producer Rob Spence of Studio SJ in Waverly, N.Y. “I had to be in the Christmas mood all year, and it wasn’t easy,” Kane exclaimed.

His intent was to create a simple solo album using instruments he commonly plays in his live shows: guitar, fiddle, low G whistle, mandolin, some piano, and his own voice. Several songs include his famous mouth whistling. “I’ve been whistling since I was five years old, imitating trains and birds,” Kane added. “I wanted people who listen to feel like I’m sitting right in the room with them, and I hope they will sing along.”

The recordings will be available in several regional shops locally owned to include The Addison Post, 42 Main St. in Addison, N.Y.; In Corning at Marich Music, 62 E. Market St.; In Elmira at Ireland’s Own, 367 W. Church St. or The Christmas House, 361 Maple Ave.; In Sayre at Yale’s Music, 2220 Elmira St., and 911 Earth, 404 N. Main St. in Athens; In Binghamton at Tom’s Coffee, Cards & Gifts, 184 Main St.; and in Syracuse at Kitty Hoyne’s Pub, corner of Franklin and Fayette.

The CDs can also be ordered online at, or toll free at 1-888-333-4PAT.

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