At The Museum – Horse Gets His Name

At The Museum – Horse Gets His Name


The Museum has a horse, a beautiful horse standing tall and proud. Although he is hollow and plastic, everyone thought he should have a name. The Bradford County Heritage Association asked the public to help give him a name. At the Heritage Festival in September there were many great suggestions. The one that really seemed to fit was “Dobbin”. A dobbin is a name often used for a work horse that is generally lazy.

Many of the volunteers at the museum have noted that the horse does seem to be the laziest horse they’ve ever seen, and is a Dobbin for sure having done no work at all! There is also a horse named Dobbin in David Copperfield by Dickens.

But the name Dobbin was suggested to the museum by two visitors at the Heritage Festival. Millie VanBlarcom and Gene Brasington both remembered the 1910 song, Your Old Grey Bonnet, and suggested “Dobbin”.

On the farmhouse veranda,

There sat Silas and Miranda,

Thinking of the days gone by.

Said he ‘Dearie, don’t be weary, You were always bright and cheery,

But a tear, dear, dims your eye.

Said she ‘They’re tears of gladness, Silas, they’re not tears of sadness,

It is fifty years today since we were wed.

Then the old man’s dim eyes brightened, And his stern old hear, it lightened,

As he turned to her and said:

“Put on your old grey bonnet, With the blue ribbon on it,

While I hitch old Dobbin to the shay,

And through the fields of clover, We’ll drive to Dover,

On our golden wedding day.”

So Dobbin has his name.

He might be a little lazy, but he does what he can do for the museum. He was seen in the Troy Christmas parade pulling Santa in his sleigh. This spring when all the school tours come through the museum, he will show the children how a horse should be dressed.

When they need him to ride on a float in a parade or demonstrate how to hitch up a horse, Old Dobbin will do his part. The next time you come to the museum for a visit, make sure you stop and see Old Dobbin.

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