Losing Weight, Getting Healthier: Together

Losing Weight, Getting Healthier: Together

Pictured, is William “Nick” and Nancy Nichols.

Nick and Nancy Nichols of the Dushore area, now retired, have been happily married for 54 years. Together they raised two sons, John and James. They have a grandson Joshua. Nick and Nancy very much enjoy their lives, together.

“I read an article in the newspaper about a woman who had been very successful with her weight loss with the help of the HMR Healthy Solutions program at Memorial Hospital,” said Nancy. “I was inspired by her story, so Nick and I decided to give it a try,” she added.

On March 22, 2010, Nancy’s birthday, they decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle, together. Nick and Nancy met with Registered Dietitian, Susan White, at Memorial Hospital, and their journey together towards a healthier lifestyle began.

“The HMR program is an easy program to follow,” said the 75 year old Nick. “It really works well for us; and since we do just about everything together, it just made sense for us to take on this journey at the same time,” he added.

“We can cook and eat the same things,” said Nancy, who is 71. “Doing this program together makes it work for us,” she added.

In just nine months, Nick and Nancy have been successful. Nick is down 28 pounds and Nancy has trimmed off a very respectable 20 pounds from her petite frame. “Because of our weight loss we’ve both reduced our medication intake, our blood pressure is better and our blood sugars are the best they’ve been in years,” Nancy proudly stated.

She added, “Our family physician, Connie Sweet, is very happy and supportive of our progress to better health. Dr. Sweet gives us lots of hugs and encouragement. She tells us how wonderful it is that we are committed to a healthier lifestyle.”

Their journey to better health has not always been easy. “Of course we are tempted to get off course once in a while,” said Nancy with a chuckle. She continued, “That’s why our weekly visits with Sue White, Registered Dietitian are so important. The accountability and support she provides is the reason we stick with the program.”

Nick chimed in, stating, “And the food products are very good! We really enjoy the flexibility of the shakes. I really enjoy the vanilla shake product mixed with a variety of items such as a dab of peanut butter or bananas or frozen strawberries.”

“Now we even make healthier food choices when we go out to eat by choosing salads, vegetables and leaner meals,” said Nancy. She enthusiastically continued, “Sue has taught us so much! We really appreciate her knowledge and patience with us. Sue is a treasure.”

Nick and Nancy are no strangers to the Memorial Hospital healthcare system. Over the past several years there have been surgeries, hospital stays, emergency room visits, laboratory work and radiology diagnostics. “We feel very connected with the people at Memorial Hospital, and we couldn’t ask for a finer or more trustworthy healthcare service center,” they said.

When asked to describe why the HMR Health Solutions program works for him in three words or less, Nick declared, “Logical, reasonable and effective!”

HMR Healthy Solutions Program Facts

Susan White, Registered Dietitian and Memorial Hospital Health Educator says, “HMR Healthy Solutions offers a proven, sensible weight management plan, with an emphasis on learning new life-style skills and healthier behaviors, not just for losing weight, but for keeping it off.”

“This is an ongoing program that teaches healthy life-style skills and managing weight in an environment that is very supportive,” she added. “The program offers a wide variety of food products including entrée meals, delicious shakes, snack bars, and more.”

She concluded, “We offer individual weight loss counseling and customize a weight-loss plan for each person. It’s not about getting skinny, it’s about getting healthy!”

Memorial Hospital’s weight management program is developed by HMR (Health Management Resources) a leading provider of weight loss services. For additional information, call Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Center at 268-2340 or log on to www.memorialhospital.org/HMRHealthySolutions.htm.

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