Rialto Theatre Centennial Memorial Plaza Update

The Centennial Memorial Plaza at the Rialto Theatre in Canton, Pa. was designed and installed this summer so that the bricks and granites are able to be replaced with engraved bricks and granites.

The engraved bricks and granites, which have already been purchased or will be purchased in the future, are to honor or to remember persons, families, groups, and / or business.

When the company installed the bricks and granites, they were to use regular sand between the bricks and granites – but they somehow, incorrectly, used polymer sand. Polymer sand hardens like concrete and, therefore, the bricks and granites were found to be impossible to remove for replacement.

The company has been contacted and notified of the situation. They are in the process of changing the sand in the whole project (weather permitting). After the company completes the relaying phase, the seventy five (75) bricks and granites that already have been purchased (and engraved) will be installed (weather permitting). Other bricks and granites, which have yet to be purchased, will be engraved and will be installed as soon as possible.

Order forms for the bricks and granites at the Centennial Memorial Plaza are available at the Canton Independent-Sentinel / Troy Gazette Register Office in Canton and the MC Insurance Office in Troy, as well as the Box Office at the Rialto Theatre.

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