Local art graduate exhibits

Local art graduate exhibitsSara Hamburger, a local art student working on her Master of Art in Art education degree at Mansfield University, will be hosting a special exhibit of her work open to the public on Friday, May 11, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. The exhibit will be held at 18109 Route 14, Troy.  (The business located at this address is in no way connected with or in agreement with the philosophies of the artist and her work.)

Included with her art pieces, she wrote a research paper that the exhibit is based off of. The art pieces were created to show the struggle that is created between nature and humans. The specific struggle that this exhibit addresses is between the process of hydraulic fracturing and its effects on nature.

“With the Natural gas industry growing rapidly in the surrounding areas I felt that it was necessary to research the effects of this extraction on the environment and the population,” said Hamburger. “As members of communities it is our responsibility to question everything that could possibly pose a risk to our health and our environment. It is within these responsibilities that we create safer regulations or stop unnecessary risks altogether. It is our job to question. This exhibit focuses on the struggle that nature and people have always had with each other. How we remove certain aspects from nature and the profound affects that it has had.”

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