Diversity in art

Diversity in artSara Hamburger makes sure that her favorite painting is hung just right.
Diversity in art

Sara Hamburger’s exhibit at State of the Art Gallery in Troy.

Diversity in art

Sara Hamburger’s exhibit at State of the Art Gallery in Troy.

Diversity in art

Sara Hamburger makes sure that her favorite painting is hung just right.

There is a new exhibit at the State of the Art Gallery, adjacent to Deb Harer State Farm in Troy. As this writer walked in to view the paintings, photography, and sculpture, “diversity” came to mind.

But this exhibit is more than just art. There is a story here.

“There are things in life that make you feel complete, inspired, and passionate. You keep them as moments you cherish and hold them close to your heart. You share these moments with others in hope that they will understand how important and cherished these moments are to you. Art is that ‘thing’ that makes me feel complete.”

Those are the words of Sara Hamburger and the art work she has on display started from just a place she was in her life.

“I had a lot of changes going on,” explained Hamburger. “I was learning to see the world differently.”

Hamburger always paints things from nature – oceans, storms, things that represent what she is feeling at any given time.

“I feel close to nature,” said Hamburger. “It’s something that grounds me. If I’m stressed out about something, painting helps. My art has always been my words.”

Hamburger did a lot of black and white art for the display – photos and paintings – as she went through her “black and white time.”

“In preparing for this exhibit I came to realize that through my art I wanted people to see the beauty in everyday things,” explained Hamburger. “To show how there is so many layers of beauty in what we see of nature, of ourselves, and of our world.”

Diversity in art

Sara Hamburger hangs one of her large acrylic paintings at State of the Art Gallery.

“Everyone sees the ocean as beautiful,” added Hamburger, but she chose to do the ocean in black and white to show that there’s different aspects to beauty. Her black and white is emphasizing the shadows, the depth and force, and the strength of the ocean. It’s one of her favorite paintings.

“I feel that people are so focused on seeing the negative things,” said Hamburger. “In showing how much beauty is around if you look for it, I want to show that through my art.”

Hamburger has some of her photographs on display along with her paintings.

“I think it’s so much more beautiful to find something in nature to photograph,” said Hamburger. “To find the dimensions of beauty in everyday things.”

Her photos of ferns show this so well.

“Sculpture is probably one of my favorite forms of art,” said Hamburger. She went on to explain that there’s a lot of frustration with it along with hard work. She mentioned the intricacy of welding, using a migwelder.

While she was an art student at Mansfield University, Hamburger found a box of old washers and used them to create a sculpture of a hawk. Along with that one she has a larger sculpture exhibited on the floor showing a skeleton of a hawk called “The Cry.”

“I have always loved red tail hawks,” said Hamburger. “They are like a symbol of hope for me.”

She made this hawk sculpture to represent how humankind doesn’t always take care of nature. Her hawk is crying out as the gauzy fabric entwined in it shows its decay.

Hamburger, grew up in Columbia Crossroads and graduated from Mansfield University with a Bachelor of Science degree in studio art and a Master’s degree in art education. Her work is on display for sale in the State of the Art Gallery during the month of August.

But that isn’t where her art world began. When she was in kindergarten she loved art class the best.

“I remember a project where we were given construction paper shapes and we had to create an image,” said Hamburger. “I have a vivid memory thinking it was too easy. I wanted it to be more. I glued them in a three dimensional image instead of a flat paper project. I knew then that that was my voice.”

For Sara Hamburger, art is not only a means of expression, it is the way she views her world, her life. She sums it up so well when she said, “Whatever you love doing is an art.”


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