Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital awards James S. Ty, MD Memorial Award

Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital awards James S. Ty, MD Memorial AwardPictured, are Michael Ty and Mrs. Ty with Dr. Ty Award winner Shannon Raatz, runner up Paige Hughes and Dr. Joseph Ronsivalle.

The prestigious James S. Ty, MD Memorial Award was presented to Shannon Raatz of MRI at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. First runner up was Paige Hughes of Interventional Radiology, also at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. 

This award is given to employees who best exemplify the core values of the Medical Imaging team: patient-centered, team work, service to referring physicians, passion for imaging excellence, honesty and integrity. 

The awards, reserved funds to be used toward continuing education activities, were presented at a special ceremony with their colleagues held by the Guthrie Medical Imaging team. The ceremony was followed by a private dinner with the Ty family. 

Joseph Ronsivalle, DO, FSIR, Guthrie chairman, Medical Imaging stated, “Shannon demonstrates our values on a daily basis. She is passionate not only about the quality and safety of the procedures performed in MRI but also the personal experience of each patient as they pass through the department. She works hard to ensure that each patient receives the care that they need in an environment of compassion and excellence. I am delighted that we have been able to recognize her with this honor.” 

Paige Hughes is also recognized for her patient-centered focus in the Interventional Radiology department. Dr. Ronsivalle continued, “Paige is an asset to the Interventional Radiology team for her unwavering commitment to providing quality care for all of the patients that come to us for care. She is a role model for her attitude, kindness and patient-centeredness. She puts the patient’s best interest first, every patient, every time.” 

Dr. James Ty was a radiologist at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital for 15 years, setting a high standard of excellence for himself and those around him. Each year candidates are nominated by their peers, and a winner is selected on criteria that celebrate his unwavering focus on quality and continuous improvement, as well as his commitment to Guthrie and its patients.

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