Floral Exhibit winners announced

Clarissa with her Wildflower display.
Floral Exhibit winners announced

Pictured, is Homer Lyon – Grand Champion Winner and Best of Show in Plant Blue Hydrangea.

Where else but the Troy Fair would you see such spectacular, crowd-pleasing events? The Department 17 Floral Exhibits were an amazing display of color and textures of species / varieties of horticulture. 

Co-Superintendents Laura Steele and Barb Andrus are happy to announce this year’s winners and the current exhibiting trend in horticulture displays. They also want to congratulate everyone who has entered and wish to encourage all to come back next year. 

This year in the Senior Division there were 218 entries from 31 exhibitors. In the Junior Division, there were 97 entries from 13 exhibitors – for a grand total of 315 exhibits. In comparison, last year there were 228 entries from 37 exhibitors in the Senior Division and 50 entries from 17 exhibitors in the Junior Division. 

In 2015, there were 348 entries from 42 exhibitors in the Senior Division and 181 entries from 15 exhibitors in the Junior Division.

Floral Exhibit winners announced

Pictured, is Diane Bradford – Sweepstakes Winner and Best of Show in Plant Fairy garden.

You can see there was a slight decrease in the Senior Division and an increase in the Junior Division. 

Next year they plan to have the display shelves redesigned for optimal viewing to showcase exhibits. 

In the Senior Division: Grand Champion, Best of Show in Flower was awarded to Homer Lyon for his spectacular exhibit of cultural perfection; intensely blue Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’. This is his first time entering and his daughters, including Barb, encouraged him to enter from one plant that she had started.

Best of Show in Plant and Sweepstakes Award goes to Diane Bradford. Diane created a magnificent Fairy Garden.

Floral Exhibit winners announced

Pictured, is the only sunflower entered.

The Heritage Garden Club Tropical Award and The Dan Roy Memorial Large Display Award winner was Marianne Dunbar of Columbia Cross Roads. Marianne’s creativity is awesome in the way she constructed an Air Plant Display. 

Her Air Plant is seated within a hanging black iron ring, then hanging from the ring are three glass containers of various shapes each containing tiny Air Plants on white sand, pink coral and polished stones. 

Marianne’s Lampstand of Succulents received the Dan Roy Memorial Large Display Award. On a lampstand topped with orange Kalanchoe is a contrast of colors and textures of succulents. Flowing and spilling over the edge are Hanging String of Bananas (Senecio radicans) Succulent

Floral Exhibit winners announced

Pictured, from left, are judges Darla Monroe, Rhea Kenyon, Aurora Hulslander and Bernadette Weston.

and String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) Succulents.

In the Junior Division: The Best of Show in Plant and Grand Champion Award was given to Marissa Bradford for her most interesting Fairyland Fairy Garden. It has met the criteria for compliance of the amount of green moss and plant material in proportion to the figurines. Complete with a wooden bridge, swing and bench, only one fairy was visible. A variety of animals, a deer and a bear, a kitty, a squirrel, two turtles, a frog and an owl were placed all around. The signs, made of clay from the

Floral Exhibit winners announced

Pictured is the Co-Superintendent of Dept. 17, Laura Steele.

family’s racecar track, were shaped and painted. The beads were cut in half so they would stick on the sign and were decorated with a marker. Marissa also won the Heritage Garden Club Tropical Award for her stunning red Hibiscus.

Martina Bradford was awarded the Dan Roy Memorial Large Display Award for her lovely flowers in a barrel. Her flowers consisted of white Snowtopia Bacopa, black Licorice, Osteospermum, Lantana, Dusty Miller and succulents in a large wooden barrel. 

Floral Exhibit winners announced

From left, are Martina, Marissa and Allison Bradford.

The Most Unusual Award, Best of Show in Flower, and the Sweepstakes Award was awarded to Courtnie Hoffman of Columbia Cross Roads.

In the Senior exhibits, there was a good show of Hydrangeas in varieties of spectacular colors to include pink, dark rosey pink, ivory, white, medium pink and light purple, and one more look at that deep Azure Blue.

Interestingly, there was only one Sunflower entered by Dawn Crawford of Sopertown Road.

Floral Exhibit winners announced

The Lily section.

It’s a Blue ribbon winner. Usually they have several Sunflowers entered.

In the Lilium section, there were 30 entered.

In the Wildflower Arrangements of the Senior Division, five were entered in Class I. First place went to Vivian Hall – all white wildflowers; white Bee Balm, Queen Ann’s Lace, Erigeron (Daisy Fleabane) and white Yarrow in a vase. 

Second Place to Clarissa Steele – a large, long assortment in a chicken feeder beautifully done.

Floral Exhibit winners announced

Pictured, Marianne Dunbar wins the Heritage Garden Club Tropical Award for her hanging Air plant.

Clarissa’s creativity in Wildflowers arranged with red and purple Bee Balm, Yellow Coreopsis, Yarrow, Daisy Fleabane, branch with red berries, wheat grass and more.

Third Place went to Lynda Homet – an arrangement in a vase of Queen Ann’s Lace, light purple Bee Balm, Thistle, Joe Pye weed, Daisy Fleabane and more. 

Fourth place went to Caroline Hall for arranging Black-eyed Susan’s and a dark brown tall wildflower in a blue vase. 

Floral Exhibit winners announced

Marjorie Ulkins of Troy entered this multi bloom Oriental lily.

Fourth place went to Diane Rockwell for her creative arrangement of line and contrast of colors with Black-eyed Susans in a rusty-red watering pitcher. 

In Class II, less than 12 inches tall, second place went to Caroline Hall, third place went to Vivian Hall, and fourth place went to Lynda Homet. 

In the Junior Division – Wildflower Arrangements: Class I Second Place went to Adaline Hall for her arrangement of Daisy Fleabane and Clover in clay vase. 

Third Place went to Mason Close for his creative Johnny Jump-ups and Sorrel in small jar. 

Class II Second Place went to Adaline Hall for her purple Bee Balm and Daisy Fleabane arrangement.

Floral Exhibit winners announced

Lana Bradford, who is pictured with her mother, entered her Black Eyed Susan Vine in the Junior Division.

The following entered in the Junior Division: Martina, Marissa and Ally Bradford, Adaline Hall, Courtnie Hoffman, Rachel Kirkman, Lana Bradford, Jacob Woodruff, Mason and Elizabeth Close, Shanelle Leighton and Kendal and Landon Jenkins.

The organizers want to thank the ladies of the Heritage Garden Club for helping to register and maintain the exhibits during all of fair week.



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