Pet food bank

Pet food bankCocoa loves Bowser Beer!
Pet food bank

Chloe loves helping her grandma at the boutique, especially since Barclay loves getting a bath!

Melanie Stratton started working for Jennifer Kelly at Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery in Sayre in 2016. In February 2017 Kelly sold the shop to Stratton. And since then, Stratton has made it a family business with the help of her husband, Jeff Stratton, her daughter Maria Elliott, and even grandchildren help out.

Stratton’s background and expertise comes from having been a veterinarian technician at Athens Animal Hospital and in Sodus, New York.

“I’m very into more holistic health and nutrition for our animals,” said Stratton. “And I work with local veterinarians.”

Items in the “barkery” are all locally baked goods, smoked bones, and other delicious delights. They

Pet food bank

Judean Roark grooms Timmy at Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery.

come from Desserts First, Canine Acres, and Stratton’s husband who smokes the bones and dehydrates the meats. The “barkery” offers grain-free and gluten free options, as well as cookies made with turmeric. Desserts First will make custom birthday cakes to order for doggy birthdays.

“Our products are all made in the United States,” said Stratton. “We carry Fromm Food, a quality premiere dog and cat food from Wisconsin.”

They carry Lupine collars and leashes that are guaranteed for life, even if chewed.

“We even offer the matching key chains for their owners,” said Elliott, who does all the ordering for the shop.

Melanie Stratton (right) checks out Liz Edsell when she comes to pick up her dog.

They also carry seatbelts, front packs, and locally handmade dog and cat clothes.

“Sunglasses, hats,” said Stratton. “We have all kinds of things for dogs.”

“We are a supplier of Answers, a company specializing in raw fermented goat’s milk, fish stock and raw diet,” continued Stratton. “Great company.”

Bowser Beer, a beer made without hops,

Pet food bank

Many items for sale at Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery.

is a non-alcoholic beer for dogs. It contains glucosamine that promotes healthy joints.

“Anybody can come in and have a beer tasting,” said Stratton. “We offer samples.”

They now carry a line of cannabis products – legal marijuana using hemp with a very trace amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) from Healthy

Pet food bank

Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery in Sayre.

Hemp Pet Company. The products come as a spray, an oil, a cannameal, a cannabalm or a biscuit. They are beneficial for dogs with seizure disorders, epilepsy and cancer.

“It decreases inflammation and pain,” said Stratton. “And helps reduce anxiety.”

“It works to help dogs with diet, and increases their appetites,” added Elliott. 

Pet food bank

Desserts First will make custom birthday cakes to order for doggy birthdays!

Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery is located on West Packer Avenue in Sayre. 

“We love for people to come, ask questions, and bring needs to us,” said Stratton.

On June 1, 2017, with a lot of community support from individuals and businesses, Stratton opened the Valley Pet Food Bank. Its purpose is to give pet food to any individuals with animals in need. She teamed up with all the senior citizens housing authorities to supply food for those in need.

“So many of the elderly are so independent and don’t want to ask for help,” said Stratton. “But they shouldn’t have to choose between feeding their furry companion or buying their medicine.”

“Oh those iced donuts look really good, mom,” said Newton. “But can I have one of each treat?”

There is a sign-up at each senior facility where pets are allowed so that individuals can ask for assistance with food for their pets; and do it discretely. 

The pet food bank also donates to local shelters, as it is needed.

Unopened dog food and cat food, dry or canned, treats, and litter can be dropped off at the Doggy Doo Barkery & Boutique during their business hours – Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 5:30

Pet food bank

Melanie Stratton and Maria Elliott are at the Farmer’s Market in Sayre every Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

p.m.; and on Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. 

For more information, call (570) 731-7336.

“My daughter lost her home in the flood of 2011. I was just amazed at the outreaching of our community,” said Melanie Stratton. “I have found that people will dig deep to help others in need. It’s my turn to give back.”







“Oh those iced donuts look really good, mom,” said Newton. “But can I have one of each treat?”

Pet food bank

Dog and Cat food and treats collected for the Valley Pet Food Bank.

Pet food bank

Some of the cannabis products at Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery.

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