Green Career Day held at Mt. Pisgah

Green Career Day held at Mt. PisgahForest Ranger Greer gives hiking safety tips to the students.
Green Career Day held at Mt. Pisgah

Students from around the area were able to experience and learn about electro-fishing.

“We are trying to broaden their horizon on jobs in nature,” explained Forest Ranger Adam Geer. 

On Sept. 27, Mt. Pisgah hosted Green Career Day, an annual exploratory career event for area eighth grade students.  

Students moved between stations throughout the day learning about different environmental occupations. Stations included Arboriculture, Farming for the Future, Floriculture, Forest Ranger and Horticulture. 

“I climbed a foot off the ground,” said Mya Allen after she participated in the Arboriculture station. 

At the Arboriculture station students experienced the thrill of climbing a tree while wearing safety harnesses. Bernie and Diane Dincher, along with Wyatt Forest, taught the students about their job and helped them experience what they do on a daily basis.  

Green Career Day held at Mt. Pisgah

Students were able to explore arboriculture during Green Career Day at Mt. Pisgah.

While some students were learning about Arboriculture, others were learning about what it is like to be a forest ranger.

Geer talked to the students about what is needed when going on a hike. The students made guesses such as bringing a first aid kit, matches and water.

On the other side of the lake students were exploring Fisheries Science.

“We are teaching students how to test fish using an electro-fishing boat,” explained Dr. Gregory Moyer from Mansfield University.

According to its definition, “Electro-fishing is a common scientific survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, and species composition.” 

Students boarded the boat where they learned how electrical currents were sent through the water to stun the fish long enough to collect data.

Nicole Harris gave a presentation at the Horticulture station. She explained to the students how important green jobs in agriculture are.

Green Career Day held at Mt. Pisgah

Nicole Harris talks to students about Horticulture and green careers.

According to the Farm Flavor website, “Pennsylvania agriculture is a highly important sector in the state, generating income and providing many jobs. Pennsylvania is the fifth largest milk-producing state. Other important commodities include winter wheat, potatoes, oats, rye, barley and a variety of vegetable crops. Farmers also grow apples, cherries, peaches and grapes.”

Harris asked the students what life would be like without a farmer. The students pondered the idea and one responded by saying there wouldn’t be food. 

Harris agreed and added, “I like to know where my food comes from when I sit down for dinner.” 

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