Troy High School inducts 26 students to National Honor Society

Troy High School inducts 26 students to National Honor SocietyPictured, are members of Troy High School’s National Honor Society.
Troy High School inducts 26 students to National Honor Society

Pictured, are the new students inducted into the National Honor Society at Troy High School.

Troy High School held the National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at 10 a.m. in Memorial Auditorium. There were 26 new students being inducted to the NHS, which requires a minimum grade point average of 94.0 percent.  

The entire group of students (19 seniors as well as the 26 new junior members) has a collective GPA of 96.7 percent. While the first and foremost criteria for membership is scholarship, NHS students must also demonstrate leadership, good character, and service for others.  

Troy NHS students have the opportunity to share and develop their talents with the Troy Area School District. This group is continuously expanding its involvement in serving the school and community, and all of these students are involved in a great variety of activities and programs both in and out of school.

An important requirement of Troy NHS students is to complete 10 hours of tutoring per school year. NHS students run a tutoring center, daily, within the Junior Senior High School. 

Additionally, several school and community projects are organized. These events include hosting blood drives through American Red Cross, raising funds for Pennies for Patients through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as well as participating in several local community projects.

To begin the program, Dr. Alison Polly, Troy JS High School principal, welcomed students, parents and faculty. Christine Panek, NHS co-advisor (Matt Harold is also co-advisor) also welcomed guests and introduced the NHS members. She spoke briefly, outlining the ceremony program and defining NHS membership.

First to speak at the ceremony was NHS Historian, Brandon Zechman. Brandon expressed his view on what it means to be part of NHS. He pointed out that only “six percent of students in the nation are currently involved in NHS, which means that this is a great honor for those being inducted today.” He also stated, “This organization highlights the positive qualities in all of its members and encourages all students to be the best version of themselves that they can be.”    

Next to speak was Allison Jennings, NHS secretary. Allison spoke on displaying good character, one of the four pillars of National Honor Society.  

“Character is the defining attributes of every person, that make them who they are,” she began. Allison explained that one’s character is developed from choices made. Choices that “would define you and your integrity, quite possibly for the rest of your life.”

Following was Cassie Shedden, NHS vice president, who spoke on scholarship. She defined scholarship as not only “achieving success at a high level of study”, but also “the quest, drive and passion for knowledge.” Cassie continued, “A scholar is committed to their learning and will put in all their effort in everything they do. A scholar will approach every challenge, every adversity with confidence in their abilities.”

President Braden Ward spoke on leadership. He gave an example of leadership from a stage performance. A young girl in the chorus, who did not have a major role, saved the moment when the curtain almost landed on actors performing a dance. Although she didn’t have a leading role, this young girl took the initiative to assess the problem and solve it for the good of the group. Braden stated, “You cannot always identify a leader because they are the one standing in the spotlight, or standing at a podium, or sitting at the desk. Having the title, or position, or the look, doesn’t make you a leader. Your actions, grit and integrity determine what kind of leader you are.”

Zane Longwell, NHS treasurer, spoke about service. The Troy NHS members must complete service hours. Zane expressed that, often, service may go unnoticed. In fact, he stated he did not realize how involved NHS students are until he became one.  

He noted, “The Troy Chapter of the National Honor Society aids our community in many ways. One of these ways is hosting three blood drives, programming the annual Veterans’ Day assembly, and holding a drive for Pennies for Patients for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.”  

Zane also explained that NHS students offer tutoring for any student in grades seven through 12, and that tutors are available daily.  

Once the officer speeches concluded, President Braden Ward and current senior members welcomed the 26 new members. The Ceremony closed with the recitation of the NHS Oath by the entire membership:

I pledge myself to uphold

The high purposes of the National Honor Society

To which I have been selected;

I will be true to the principles for which it stands;

I will be loyal to my school

And will maintain and encourage

High standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

The following students are members of the National Honor Society at Troy High School: 

Senior Members: Courtney Case, Megan Corbett, Laney Crofut, Anna Dunbar, Rachel Hickok, Allison Jennings – Secretary, Lanaya Kenyon, Grace Lathrop, Zane Longwell – Treasurer, Madison McClelland, Breana Millard, Zena Parkhurst, Kaylee Pierce, Cassandra Shedden – Vice President, Stacie Simpson, Zachariah Walter, Braden Ward – President, Brandon Zechman – Historian, and Dawn Zimmerman.

Junior Members: Madison Alexander, Gabrielle Bohner, Marissa Bulkley, Nicholas Call, Nicholas Colton, Gabrielle Cory, Madeline DeLosa, Devin Fries, Autumn Gilbert, Nathaniel Graybill, Brooke Hinman, Caitlyn Hoffmann, Hannah Houseknecht, Crystal Jones, Hunter Kendall, Brooke Loveland, Kia Maynard, Kaden Murray, Katherine Polakowski, Brianna Rathbun, Coral Root, Connor Simpson, Shawna Weeks, Sophie Williams, Erin Wrisley and Vicky Yang.

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