Pack 30 and pies

Pack 30 and piesDan Close was a "good egg" or rather a "good elf" to volunteer for this messy job!
Pack 30 and pies

Eileen Slater, left, and Webelo Scout Roland hold up a sign for Pack 30’s special pie throwing activity at Troy’s Hometown Christmas.

“Okay people, don’t be shy,” shouted Cub Master Zach Gates. “Step right up and throw a pie!”

The pie throwing was one of Webelo Scout Pack 30’s three activities set up at Troy’s Hometown Christmas last Saturday for Small Business Saturday. Dan Close, Troy Borough manager, was the “good egg” or rather, “good elf” that was the target of the pie throwing.

“I thought everybody in Troy would love a chance to throw a pie at Dan Close, borough manager,” explained Eileen Slater, Webelos Den Leader. “When I asked him, he graciously accepted.”

Pack 30 and pies

Vance puts his letter to Santa in the mailbox that Pack 30 set up in the First Community Bank of Troy’s parking lot.

In addition to the pie throwing, the Webelos were selling baked goods and had a large red mailbox set up for young people to mail letters to Santa Claus. Pack 30 collectively had the ideas for all three activities that were set up in the First Citizens Community Bank parking lot.

According to Slater, the mailbox was the first one anyone in Troy had set up specifically for mail to Santa. It will still be at the First Citizens Community Bank for the next few weeks before the scouts take all the letters right to the Troy Post Office. From there the letters will be mailed to Santa at the North Pole.

Pack 30 and pies

Webelo Scouts Reece, left, and Isaac at Pack 30’s bake sale booth at Troy’s Hometown Christmas.

“Troy was exclusively chosen by Santa himself to collect these letters and mail them to him,” said Slater.

Jamie Brown, of J.B. Construction, built the mailbox as a donation to Pack 30 because he thought it was a great idea. Slater then painted it.

“He had so much fun building the Santa mailbox,” said Cassi Brown.

Children wrote letters at home and brought them to put in the mailbox. The scouts also had a table set up for children to write letters, providing the paper and pens.

Pack 30 and pies

Ellianna, left, and Annika write letters to Santa.

The third activity was the bake sale. Pack 30 family members baked items such as cookies, Rice Krispy treats, and hot cocoa mix in a bag, energy bites, no bake cookies, pies, and even cookies in the shape of letters to Santa.

Some of the scouts thought the baked goods were worth a great deal. In fact, one scout, Isaac, thought his mom’s baking was worth at least a hundred dollars when he said, “If you buy 100 items each costs 100 dollars, but (you) get another for 2 per cent off!” 

Pack 30 and pies

“Couldn’t have been pied by a better person,” said Dan Close after Bev Smith’s pie hit its mark!

Of course the scouts accepted any donation for the baked goods, along with the two other activities they had set up. It was their fundraiser to help support Pack 30 activities.

The pie throwing attracted many who couldn’t resist throwing a pie at such a well-known Troy official.

“You couldn’t hit me with a pie if you tried,” challenged Close.

“What an opportunity,” said Bev Smith, whose throw hit its mark perfectly.

“Couldn’t have been pied by a better person,” answered Close.

Pack 30 and pies

Scott Cummings and Robin Chamberlain together throw a pie at the borough manager.

Even the Troy Chamber of Commerce wanted to support Pack 30 and took advantage of the opportunity to throw a pie.

Robin Chamberlain and Scott Cummings threw one together.

When their aim proved successful, Cummings said, “Best twenty dollars I spent today!”




Pack 30 and pies

Shawn Barrett gets ready to throw a pie at the borough manager.

Pack 30 and pies

Leah and her mom write a letter to Santa together.

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