Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority to resume electronics recycling

Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority (NTSWA) is pleased to announce they can again accept certain items for electronics recycling. This comes after their program suspension back in April 2017 when their vendor, at the time, canceled their recycling contract due to supply and demand instability created by the Covered Device Recycling Act (108) (CDRA).  

The CDRA was initially written to ban the disposal of covered devices such as computers and televisions in the landfill and to require manufacturers to recycle the various products they were making. Legislators are working to amend the law to make recycling programs more economic and available to everyone in the state.  

While Legislators continue to diligently on a solution, the Authority decide to release a Request for Proposal to solicit for electronic recycling services in 2018 to help bring the recycling of these materials back to county residents.  

The Authority was fortunate enough to receive seven proposals from various vendors; however, “not all of the proposals were that appealing,” states Leigh Twoey, NTSWA recycling coordinator.  

She added, “Several of the bidders offered their recycling services, but for a fee, which would mean residents would have to be charged a recycling fee for those materials.”   

Twoey went on to explain that the Authority is fortunate to be able to resume providing electronic waste recycling services to county residents free of charge because electronics are actually quite costly to recycle and process. Twoey continued to note that there are still several counties in the state without electronic recycling services and some counties and municipalities have already switched over to charging residents a fee.

The Authority was able to partner with eLoop, LLC out of State College, Pa. for recycling services. eLoop, LLC works to collected electronics on behalf of the manufacturers to help them meet their state required tonnages, which is how the Authority is able to provide the service for free.  

The Authority is happy about the partnership with eLoop, and Twoey noted eLoop meets if not exceeds all of the security and safety standards required by the state for processing.  A Department of Defense destruction is even done on all sensitive components, such as hard drives.  

Materials that will be accepted for recycling include TV’s (any size or type), computers (desktop/laptop), and computer peripherals which include items such as desktop laser and ink jet printers, scanners, routers, modems, keyboards, mice, and cables. These are the items defined by the CDRA as banned for disposal. All other electronic waste such as a toaster, hair dryers or vacuum cleaners are still legal to dispose of in the household waste stream and will not be accepted for recycling by the Authority.

Electronic recycling will be accepted from residents of Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga Counties of Pennsylvania during normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon at the Bradford County NTSWA recycling facility located at 108 Steam Hollow Rd., Burlington, Pa. or the two Tioga County facilities located at 540 Old Bloss Rd., Blossburg, Pa. and at the Tiagadgton Area Transfer Station located at 10455 Route 6, Wellsboro.

Questions should be directed to NTSWA Recycling Coordinator Leigh Twoey at (570) 297-4177, or visit their website at

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