Opinion: A citizen’s view on the country

Dear Editor,

What the American voters should concentrate on and realize is that the senate and house members are more interested in their party rivalry than what is good for this country. It is not the President’s responsibility to ensure that all of the career politicians work together to legislate and work towards making our nation better for its people for whom the government works. It is the JOB of these bureaucrats to work towards strengthening our nation and SERVING our citizens.

We should be reminded that these people are elected into office, and it is not a given right for them. They are representatives of us in Washington. I don’t know anyone here in rural Pennsylvania who is more concerned about stopping what a particular party is trying to pass over helping all of its citizens. Our duty as voters is to remove these people, and elect representatives of the American people who have OUR best interests in mind.

My final thought is that these elected officials, who decide the fate of our social security, have their hands in our health care, and decide who gets tax breaks based on the amount of money and promises from lobbyists, should be subject to the same laws and rules that apply to all of our citizens. This includes having to pay into a pension system and health care system, the same ones that the average U.S. citizen has to, they are no better than us.  

The loophole law that provides for the salary they draw (which during a government financial shutdown should be the first to be withheld) will not be paid to them for the rest of their life. Stop taking from the American people, and start serving the country for which you work.


Clifford A. Bruszewski

Running Bear Farm            

Troy, Pa.

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