Scout Troop 4049 News

Scout Troop 4049 NewsScouts are pictured at the Metal Trades Center.

Scout Troop 4049 NewsOver the last several weeks the scouts from Troop 4049 have been very busy. First, the troop would like to thank everyone that came out and supported them at their spaghetti dinner fundraiser. The troop really appreciates all the support that the community gives them.

The troop has also been very busy with events. At the end of March, some of the scouts attended an advancement fair where they were able to work on and earn merit badges, including some to help them toward achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  

Scout Troop 4049 News

The scouts are pictured on their camping and kayaking trip.

They also attended a welding merit badge event at Penn Tech college were the where able to learn more about the process of welding, along with different types of welding, and got to weld for themselves. 

Finally, this last weekend was a camping and kayaking trip for the scouts where they got to work on the kayaking merit badge. 

Next up for the troop, as far as trips go, is their Washington D.C. trip, which they have been working towards for the last few months. 

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