Chirpie’s Fund continues helping animals

Chirpie’s Fund continues helping animalsRocky (Arthur) is looking 100 percent better and is quite handsome. Provided photo.

Earlier this year, the Bradford County Humane Society (BCHS) established a fund to help lost pets access veterinary care for serious injuries. Chirpie had a paw that folded up, leaving her to walk right on the old break in her bone. This was not only uncomfortable, but could lead to worse consequences down the road, such as infection and her ultimate death.  

Dr. Michelle Kaleta, DVM, of Towanda Creek Animal Hospital performed surgery on Chirpie, and she recovered wonderfully well. 

The community sent donations, which paid for her surgery and left some excess for the establishment of a fund to address further surgeries. Chirpie has been adopted into a home where she can live completely indoors, and she has a great life with lots of love.  

This past May, Dave Goodwin brought a little stray cat to the shelter with the same kind of injury that Chirpie had, but the injury was new, and seeing the kitten walk on his broken bone was too terrible for Dave to endure. When he saw the injured kitten determinedly licking a dried up spot of ice cream off the blacktop in the parking lot, he went into the store and bought him a can of cat food.  

The young cat followed him home, hobbling on his doubled over leg.  Dave called the kitten “Rocky” because the cat was living in the rocks behind the store.  

Dave called the Bradford County Humane Society because he had heard of Chirpie’s Fund to help animals that needed surgery. Bobbi Kinner, kennel manager for BCHS, told him they would do the best they could to save the kitten, and loaned him a trap to catch him. 

The next day, May 17, 2018, Rocky went right over to the Milan Veterinary Clinic, where Dr. Renee Fisher evaluated the condition of the four to five month old kitten. 

His front leg could not be saved because of the severe damage, and he had a little bit of a tough time because he was not in good shape when he came in, but he recovered steadily under Milan Vet Clinic’s care. He stayed with the staff at Milan because he was pretty shy. He thrived there, grew his fur back and was adopted last week.  He is now a cuddly housecat.  

However, it seems there will always be work for Chirpie’s Fund. Towanda Police brought in a eight week old kitten from the Towanda Bridge this week with a broken femur. She is now recovering from surgery.  

Visit to learn more. BCHS is a United Way agency.

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