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Dairy Princess NewsPictured is Emilie Cole, Bradford County Dairy Princess. Provided photo.

My name is Emilie Cole, the daughter of Toby and Jill Cole. Since I was crowned the 2018 Bradford County Dairy Princess, I’ve been busy representing the hardworking dairy farmers of our county and promoting their products.

I’m 17 years old, a senior at Troy High School, and a member of the FFA and 4-H. I also play on the volleyball and basketball teams at my school. 

I attend Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church, where I’m a member of the Sunday school and youth programs, and I enjoy acting and have been in many productions.  

I’ve been in the Dairy Princess program since I was six years old, starting as a Dairy Miss.

I am the 4th generation at Braund Valley Farms, where my great-grandparents started in 1951 with 15 grade Holsteins. Since then, our farm has grown to 148 registered Holstein cows and 160 young stock. We own land and we rent some land, we work 565 acres total to grow our own crops to feed our animals. 

Our farm has shown registered Holsteins at our local Troy Fair for 51 years, where we have met many people that we now call friends. 

Over the years our farm has seen years of growth and prosperity, and times where tough decisions need to be made. Our family knows the struggles prevalent in farming today. 

We also know that there is joy in coming together for a hard days work. We sit down to a meal together, knowing the value and nutrition of the dairy products on the table. I take my role as Bradford County Dairy Princess very seriously because I know that the dairy industry is in need of encouragement. 

I am honored to help farmers by promoting and consuming their products. It is rewarding to represent the farmers, but hard to see the people and the dairy industry you care so much about struggling. I believe I was chosen as Dairy Princess for such a time as this, when farmers need encouragement. 

Farming is not just a job; it’s a way of life for me. Besides encouraging our farmers, I believe one of the most important responsibilities Dairy Princesses have is to educate children regarding the importance of dairy products for their health and explain the care and dedication dairy farmers take in producing wholesome, nutritious dairy foods. 

Can you believe that 16.4 million Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows? You can see how important it is to get the truth out to children, who then carry information home to their parents. 

I recently gave a presentation to the teachers in my school district, informing them about a curriculum called “Discover Dairy” that can provide them with everything they need to create a fun and educational experience for children while teaching them about the dairy industry. I’m excited to see the difference this program will make in the understanding children have of an industry I love. 

I’m looking forward to competing in the State Dairy Princess Pageant in Harrisburg, Pa. on Saturday evening, Sept. 22, and reconnecting with fellow princesses I met at the Dairy Princess Training Seminar in the summer. 

So I ask you to join the county dairy princesses from across the state by encouraging our Pennsylvania dairy farmers, thanking them for their hard work caring for their land and animals, and by purchasing milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

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