Bridgette: The kitten with nine lives!

Bridgette: The kitten with nine lives!

In late July, Towanda Chief of Police, Randy Epler, stopped traffic on the Towanda Bridge to come to the rescue of this little injured kitten. 

With use of the last bit of Bradford County Humane Society’s Chirpie’s Fund, she had surgery to remove her broken hind leg, performed by Towanda Creek Animal Hospital’s surgeon Dr. Michelle Kaleta.  

She healed fast at the Bradford County Humane Society (BCHS), had her stitches out on Friday and was adopted by a wonderful person on Saturday, Aug. 25. Her new person says she loves all of her new toys.  

This kitten, named “Bridgette” by Chief Epler, seized hold of life at every step of the way and impressed every one she met with her indomitable spirit and cheer.  Adoptable pets at BCHS may be viewed at, and if you’ve lost a pet, visit their Facebook page, “Bradford County Humane Society” where they post all the strays as they come into the shelter.  

BCHS is a United Way Agency.

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