Thursday Study Club News

The first meeting of the year for the Troy Thursday Study Club took place on Sept. 20.  Members met at the Mill Street Popcorn, Ice Cream and Coffee Shop in Sylvania, Pa.  

President Carol Lane welcomed members to the beginning of another year of scheduled meetings. She shared a poem entitled “Autumn’s Majesty”, written by Patricia Cisco. 

The Business Meeting was then called to order, and members joined together reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer. The minutes of the June 2018 meeting were shared and stand as read. 

Carol Zuber read the Treasurer’s Report and it was filed for Financial Review. 

The following Committee Reports were given.

President Lane thanked Program Chairman, Carolyn Wilston, for organizing this year’s programs. 

Barbara Zaleski, Remembrance Committee, stated she sent out five cards for the months of July and August. She also mailed two out in September. She mentioned members that were ill, and encouraged members to remember them with cards and good thoughts. Members sang “Happy Birthday” to those celebrating birthdays in attendance.

Marilyn Bohlayer, Scrapbook Committee, stated that the books had spent “Summer Camp” at Abby Werlock’s home. Abby said that she loved having them there, and they provided great reading in her spare time. Marilyn indicated the scrapbooks are now updated and will be ready for review at the October meeting.

Linda Nickerson, Town Beautification Committee, gave thanks to the summer watering group, and stated that the choice of plants were great this year. There was no need to worry about drought conditions, and that they were certainly flood tolerant. New base liners for the planters were purchased for future use.

Maureen Peterson, chairman of the Financial Review Committee, stated that the financial records had been reviewed and there were no discrepancies found.

In Unfinished Business, President Lane informed members that Grace Lathrop was the recipient of the Troy Thursday Study Club Award at the annual Troy Area School District’s Award Banquet.

She read a thank you note from Grace that stated her appreciation and future goal of pursuing a degree in Music Education. It was noted that Grace’s great grandmother, Marion Spaulding, was a past member of the Troy Thursday Study Club.

In New Business, President Lane stated that everyone should have received the 2018-2019 Membership Booklets. The club purchased 50 copies. A motion was made to accept cost of printing the booklets and approved.

Kathy Walsh, this meeting’s hostess, was commended for a job well done.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 1:30 p.m. at the Troy Baptist Church in Troy, Pa., and the program will be Life in Iran.

President Carol Lane then introduced the day’s speaker, Shane Morgan, proprietor of Mill Street. He presented an informative session about the business’s history, current focus, and projected future ideas.

Shane started the presentation by explaining that his father-in-law, John Seeley, had a dream of starting a popcorn business. John had recently retired from the Troy Area School District and began making his dream come true by researching how to make and market his delicious varieties of popcorn.   

Shane was working as a Union Sheet Metal Worker in Elmira, N.Y. He would help John in the evenings covering the walls with shelves in their existing building. According to club members, the building’s history was amazing, and they noted that Shane’s grandfather and uncle actually had a casket making business there.

Eventually, Shane became a full time partner in the business with his father-in-law and mentioned what an exciting adventure it has been.

The next project for the Mill Street business was to research and learn how to roast peanuts. John sent Shane to Southern New Jersey to get a peanut roaster, which is currently in use. 

Then it was decided that they would focus on producing and selling another product, coffee. Shane’s wife, Katie, was very helpful in this process. They contacted a Sylvania native, Nate Pennington, who is a coffee roaster in Lancaster for additional suggestions.  

They invested in a roaster, and updated the equipment to produce many varieties of coffee. 

John Seeley also wanted to add Ice Cream to their list of offerings to the public. They researched different kinds of this popular desert, and now offer soft serve ice cream.

Shane indicated they were on the road weekends and sometimes throughout the week advertising and marketing their products. They have 17 stores they have their products in and attend farm markets and seasonal events. He also stated “word of mouth” from their customers has helped sales rise. 

Shane Morgan did unveil the next product the company is considering and researching, Candy Apples! They have purchased copper pots from the Windmill in New York State. The pots are being restored and cleaned up for future use.

Shane was full of praise for his father-in-law and the family atmosphere they have created. His wife is not as involved with Mill Street as she had been, due to her employment as a Safety Coordinator with a Gas company. She does remain involved with Quality Control and Gluten free products.  

He praised all those who help him with his business, and his humorous anecdotes throughout his presentation had members laughing and realizing just how important this family business is to him.

Members then had the opportunity to purchase treats.

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