Same great store

Same great storeBarnstead Pantry in Troy - new owners, same great store.
Same great store

Edye Waldmeyer and Deb Fitzwater shop at Barnstead Pantry, with the help of new owner Rollin Peter Baker.

Many of you remember Mrs. Alderfer’s Pantry on Route 6 in Sylvania. It was a small store, but she had almost anything needed for baking.

Marti Detweiler took over Alderfer’s Pantry on Labor Day weekend 2007. Her mom and dad had an antique shop and bulk food store on Beaverdale Road since 1978 called Barnstead Country Store. She named her business after it, calling her new endeavor Barnstead Pantry.

After 11 years, Marti Detweiler decided it was time for a change. On Oct. 3 Rollin Peter Baker and Mary Beth Baker purchased the store from Marti and Terry Detweiler. They actually started running the store on Oct. 1. During those few days, the Detweilers helped the Bakers transition the store to new ownership.

“I’ve been shopping at Mrs. Alderfer’s since she had her little store on Route 6 in Sylvania,” said Mary Beth Baker. “And now I’m the owner selling those wonderful products.”

“I knew a store like this was my wife’s dream,” said Rollin Peter Baker. “As her partner I want to help her realize it.”

“We are so grateful for the kindness of Marti and Terry,” continued Mary Beth Baker. “And also their patience and tutelage.”

Same great store

Rollin Peter Baker and Mary Beth Baker, new owners of Barnstead Pantry.

Mary Beth Baker has 22 years’ experience of nutrition counseling. She taught in the culinary department of Pennsylvania College of Technology for five years. Currently she is a qualified WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) nutritionist at Chemung and Schuyler Counties of New York. She is maintaining that position as she starts her new role at Barnstead Pantry.

“I’ve been interested in nutrition since the late 1970’s,” said Mary Beth Baker.

Rollin Peter Baker has been a professional Boy Scouts of America senior district executive and a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor (CASAC) certified in Pennsylvania and New York.

“I got involved in running the store because Mary Beth determined that retirement was not in my future,” said Rollin Peter Baker.

The Bakers are full partners. They make all of their decisions together and run the store on that philosophy. 

According to Rollin Peter Baker, business has been steady and people seem to be accepting of them.

“We’ve been shopping here since Mrs. Alderfer had the store and we will continue to support Peter and Mary Beth,” said Edye Waldmeyer. “All of our friends who visit us from our home town always want to come to shop at Barnstead.”

Mary Beth Baker checks into the companies that she orders from to make sure they are good, reputable sources.

“I want to carry the legacy from Mrs. Alderfer to Marti to us,” she said.

For now the products on the shelves will continue as before with some possible future changes. They have just expanded their healthy snack line working with a locally owned company.

The Barnstead Pantry has new owners, but their name is the same. Located on Route 6 just east of Troy, their hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday until 2 p.m. For more information call (570) 297-1015.

“We want to please our customers and offer the same products along with more organic, non-GMO, free trade and gluten free items,” said Mary Beth Baker. “Our goal is to offer this community more locally produced merchandise – that’s my passion.”

“Same great store,” said Rollin Peter Baker. “Pretty good new owners.”

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