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Furry Friends InnKaren Garrity is pictured with Penny and Sam, who is recovering from a tail amputation, at Furry Friends Inn. The pet boarding facility has recently added a transport van to make picking up and dropping off dogs easier for customers. (Photo by Jacob Elsbree)

Furry Friends Inn has made its doggy daycare more convenient for dog owners by purchasing a van to pick up and drop off customers’ dogs. 

After opening the daycare in 2009, Karen Garrity has added buildings and yard spaces to her business. Now, she is making her business mobile by offering pet transport in the mornings and evenings where most of her customers are located. 

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Garrity said, adding, “I’m extremely excited to pick up a dog every morning.” 

It’s an exciting addition for the dogs as well; Garrity says evening rides are always a little calmer with the dogs tuckered out by the day of play. 

The dogs have plenty of room to play, too. The facility houses two separate buildings, each with open indoor and outdoor spaces and individual kennels for some personal space when the dogs need it. At its busiest, the facility has housed 60 dogs, all enjoying the socialization, play and the home atmosphere. 

She acknowledges the Inn may be out of the way for many of her customers whom, she says, live in Waverly, Sayre and Athens, and work at Guthrie. 

Garrity told of one woman who works at Guthrie and who has a commute that is over an hour to drop her dog off at the Inn before going to work. The transport offered by Furry Friends now saves her that hour. 

The shuttle is on a Monday through Friday schedule, making stops where the majority of Garrity’s customers are from. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the van stops at Athens, Sayre and Waverly. On Tuesday and Thursday the van picks up and drops off at Spencer Van Etten, and on Wednesday and Friday it awaits the dogs in Tioga.  

In order for a dog to get a seat in the transport, the owner must purchase a special harness that allows them to be buckled in. Her van fits up to seven dogs; Garrity says safety is her priority with the transport, refusing to pack dogs in the vehicle like sardines.

For Garrity, the route takes over an hour most days, bussing her van full of dogs from one location to the next and then back to Lockwood, but she is excited to provide the service for her customers and their dogs. 

To learn more about Furry Friends Inn, call (607) 598-8292.

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