Annual Love Light Tree honors loved ones

Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital conducts a yearly Love Light Project where community members can add a name to the Christmas tree in the hospital lobby in honor of, or in memory of, an individual. Skilled Nursing residents and community members gathered recently in the hospital lobby for the annual recognition program.

During the ceremony, Reverend Tom Blackall offered several readings and Alice Howell and Brenda Giffen offered several musical selections. At the conclusion of the program, refreshments were served.

The following is a list of Love Lights in honor: 

Marshall Dawsey, Mary Getz, Una McBride, Emma Neiley, Leroy Hawley, Ruth Squires, Nancy Hughey, Shirley Blackall, Mrs. Potter and Thomas Fairchild Jr.

The following list is for Love Lights in memory: 

Grepa and Doris Wise, Harold and Elizabeth Shaffer, Ted Solowiej, LaVerne Johnson, Marty Meehan, Helen Terascavage, Don and Pat Henry, Bela and Rose Simon, Stanley and Mary Latocha, Philip and Christian Cavagnaro, Bernard Van DeWeert, Patricia Van DeWeert, Jazzy Wood, Marie Ostringer, Robert Kinney, Deleora Kinney, Boyd Wood, Jazzy Wood, Henry Wood Sr., Henry Wood Jr., Nettie Goodrich, Virginia Squires Hillis, Rosanna Squires Allen, Larry Chandler, Stanley Parks, Ray DePaola, Edward Stout, Pat Hoffman, Naomi Couch, Memory of Loved Ones, Willis A. Redding MD, Mary Pine, Jay and Pat Hennigan, Jack and Flossie Troutwine, Edna Moore, Susan Skeeber Homet, H.F. Pezzella, I.S. Pyznar, Frederick P. Maryott, James and May Mingos, Ralph and Hazel Maryott, Suzanne Victoria Stenger, Edna Ruth Keays, Jason Bennett, Peggy Bennett. 

Also, Clifton Bennett, Joe Marlin, Mary Gerhard, Keith Gerhard, Glenwood Bisher, Claude Brown, Sylvia Brown, Eugene Lewis, Dorothy Corson, Jillanne L. Brown Callahan, Gary Lorde Saxon, Raymond Raffin, Florence Kessling, Matthew Thomason, June Welch, Shelly Gerould, Brian R. Shaner, Mark Kingsley, Richard and Ida Thrasher, Edwin and Evelyn Shaner, John and Trudy Bull, Tom and Mary Blakely, Robert Butts, Charlotte Urso, John and Nelda Schoonover, Neal Williams, Olin Canfield Jr. Shirley Secules, Todd Secules, Carlyle Bagley Sr., Eloise Bagley, Beverly Ridall, Michael N. Brutzman, John A. Brutzman, Cynthia N. Brutzman, Dr. Charles R. Wolfe, Bernard Wolfe, Alice H. Wolfe, Abraham Snyder, Esperia Stortini, Rose Sullivan, Thomas Fairchild Sr., William C. Homet, William H. Homet, Edward R. Vanderpool, Irma I Dyer, Stephen Neiley, Carol Hoffman, Howard Hoffman, Laurie Hawley, Ruth Hawley, Mark M . Hawley, Bertram Fiester, Emma Whitney, Leslie Bodine, Louis Dinelli, Grace Dinelli, Edward Cox, Dennis O’Conner, Carlton Lent, Shirley Lent, Anna Marie Williams, Betty Pierce, Lee Brennan, Mary Brennan, Edward McGuire, Helen McGuire, Harold Place, Mary Place, John P. Schultz, Mary Jane Walsh, David Estelle Jr., Billie Jo Estelle, Steven L. Shaylor, Edward E. Fox, Russell Conner, Richard Conner, Andrew Springer, Harry Ackley, David McWilliams, Patricia Hoffman, William Lane Johnston, Elston Paul Champluvier, Thomas Fairchild Sr., Jack and Flossie Troutwine, Bob and Catherine Lambert, Jack and Bea McGovern, Dale Fulmer, Vi Bartholomew, Ray Foster, Gladys Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Rohrer, Mr. and Mrs. A..L. Sebring, George A. Rohrer, Lon Sebring. Joseph and Irma Latimer, Royal and Gertrude Champluvier, Richard D. Latimer, Richard Champluvier, Edward Donovan, Marlene Simpson, Shirley Fulton, Charles Fulton, Jean Libby, Fran Buchholz, Harry Root, Robert D. Slingerland, Mildred Slingerland, Fred A. Place, Florence Place, Dr. Fred R. Place​, Edward Zacharias, Edward Vanderpool, Irma Vanderpool, Donald and Betty Chaffee, Willard and Dorothy Isaac, Tara Larson, Linda Mackie, Otto Brown, Sparkles, George F. Stewart Jr., George F. Allen, Ronald L. Allen, John Francis Ausem, Brenda Allen, Kristina Allen, Esther Karpauitz, Bob Karpauitz, Peyton Z. Milliron, Robert Vanderpool, Mabel Vanderpool, Mary Milliron, Alice McNett, Naomi  Mosser, Catherine Palmer, James E. Grimes, Ray DePaola, Edward Stout, Gwin and Connie Johnston, Bill and Anne Sullivan.

Also, Franklin C. Detrick, Adele W. Detrick, Donald F. Detrick, Michael K. Clark, Melvil “David” Maynard, Roger Kinney, Rube Kinney, Bob and Ginnie Weingartner Sr. Steve and Rosa Shafer Sr., Jim Christini, Bob Zettlemoyer, Gordon and Marian Tuback, James and Mary Christini, Edith Tompkins, Lena Huffman, Jane Carey, Barbara Smith, Burdell Quail, Mike Quail, Ellery and Eleanor Quail, Rush and Lena McCarty, Gen Sager, Joe Taffee, Tim Tomcho, Ernest Vanderpool, Mary Lou Place, Dora and Roy Donnocker, Viola Brink, Jack Brink, Claude and Alyce Moore, James H. Nichols, Richard Spencer Sr., Scott Jennings, Cindy Barto, Charles and Jennie Boyle Sr., Grace and Joseph Corbe, Francis DeMartino, Caitlin Corbe, Patricia Alazraki, Charles Boyle Jr., Mac Davenport, Helen Calaman, Vonnie Davenport, Vince Calaman, Sally Allen, Sadie Driesbaugh, Carol Bedford, Charles and Katy Vanderpool, Kenneth and Beverly O’Connor, Charles Voorhees, Elfrieda Voorhees, Michael Flannery, Ssgt. Sean Flannery, Richard Larsen, Allan Larsen, Chaz Larsen, Matthew Kuhns, Gracie Anne Detrick, Charlotte Spencer, Virginia Shaffer, Virginia Sterling, Pearl Johnston, John R. Strohl Sr., Diane L. Corcoran, Warren and Edna Card, Francis and Arlene Strohl, Lester Rosenberry III, Josephine Pelot, Dolores Elchak, Lester Rosenberry Jr., G. Edwin Carrington, Scott Carrington, L.E. and Marguerite Robinson, Tom Felton, Emma Mae Shults, Donna Wood, Stan Patten, Phyllis Patten, Dr. Stephen E. Becker, George, Natalie and Wendy Maurer, Pee Wee Cook, Daniel Aquilio, Esther Karpauitz, Bob Karpauitz, Eleanor Allis, Kenneth Allis , Ruth Decker and Judy Woodruff.

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