50-year EMS agency on the verge of bankruptcy

In a press release received last week from Western Alliance Emergency Services, Inc., they informed the communities of Troy, Canton, and Wysox that after 50 years of continuous service, Western Alliance Emergency Services, Inc. is on the verge of having to file bankruptcy.  

This unfortunate set of events is in part due to Medicare and Medicaid not being processed in a timely manner during the federal government shutdown.  

In the release, they stated they are in immediate need of the community’s support to help them make it through these difficult times. 

“The current situation is such that we may not be able to meet payroll obligations or assistance programs for our volunteers on Feb. 21, 2019, causing an estimated 100 employees to be either furloughed or laid off,” they added in the release.

They are asking members of the community to donate a minimum of $50 over the next 50 days in recognition of the agency’s 50 years of community support, however, no donation is too small. 

They are calling upon business leaders, local business, government, and members of the community to help in any possible way that they can. Failure to meet their financial goals may result in extended response times for the members of the communities served should Western Alliance Emergency Services (WAES) need to close their doors. 

Donations may be sent to Western Alliance Emergency Services, P.O. Box 13, Troy, Pa. 16947, or dropped off in person at 129 Canton St., Troy, Pa. They can also accept credit card donations in person or via telephone by calling (570) 297-1755. 

In the release, Western Alliance CEO, Thomas Carmen, stated, “Western Alliance Emergency Services is committed to providing prompt reliable patient care utilizing the highest qualified personnel and equipment. We continue to provide community support through community health and safety education, volunteerism, sharing our facilities with other local non-profits and more. We have served this community for over 50 years, and with the community’s support we will be able to continue to serve the community for another 50 years or more.” 

WAES was founded in January of 1999 as a result of a collaboration of the former Canton Ambulance Association and Troy Ambulance Ambulance Association. WAES is a licensed non-profit organization consisting of volunteer and career EMT’s, First Responders and paramedics. 

Third party billing, donations, grants, and service subscriptions fund the organization. They are also a licensed PUC provider, offering wheelchair and stretcher transport to those individuals requiring assistance and transportation to requested facilities or functions. 

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