Troy Thursday Study Club News

Troy Thursday Study Club News

On Thursday, Feb. 21, the Troy Thursday Study Club met at the Troy Presbyterian Church for their monthly meeting. The theme of the Refreshment / Decorating Committee was President’s Day. Tables were decorated with beautiful patriotic centerpieces made by Sandy Jones, and those in attendance enjoyed a tasty cheesecake that was topped with a delicious raspberry sauce, blueberries, and whipped cream.

President Carol Lane asked Ellen Herrington to introduce today’s presenter and give some background information about her husband, John Herrington. Mr. Herrington is a Troy native and is currently the President of the Glenwood Cemetery in Troy, Pa. His presentation would be about the History of the Glenwood Cemetery.

He began his informative presentation stating he returned to live in Troy in 2003, and wanted to become actively involved in something that would benefit the Troy community. At that time his background information on the Cemetery was limited. He now has a sincere appreciation of what it takes to run a Cemetery. He commented how fortunate he was to work as a board member with Chuck Losey who does all the maintenance and care taking of the Glenwood Cemetery.

He began by telling the audience that the original Cemetery in Troy was near Long’s Pond in the late 1880’s, and was located by the Baptist Church at that time. In 1877 the Glenwood Cemetery Association was formed. Key players in its development included some familiar Troy family names such as the Mitchell’s, VanDynes, and the Pomeroys. The Association was off to a good start, and then sales began to drop and they were faced with limited sources of income. Henry Pomeroy Davidson helped bring life back to the Cemetery by donating money and made improvements in the operating conditions. There were requirements necessary to meet included with this support. They included providing a house for the caretaker, making the roads in the Cemetery passable, and installing a water system. A bridge was financed in 1914, as well as acquiring and expanding the property. These changes enabled the Cemetery to survive during the 20th century.  

In 1978, Chuck and Galva Losey began managing the grounds, and they carried out many improvements. In the late 1990’s the bridge was in dire need of repair.  That along with financial issues had the attention of those in charge. Because of this, the board made a “21st Century Turnaround” that would avoid pitfalls of the past. They did this by having fundraisers, individual donations, and planning very carefully. The goal was to operate efficiently and invest wisely.

Their planning was based on looking ahead to needs ten to 15 years in the future. Some of their vision included purchasing a tractor, which Chuck Losey operates to dig graves, instead of hiring an outside contractor. Responding to the needs of the grounds was very important to the Cemetery board. They have done amazing vault restoration, and have updated and paved the roadways.  (Mr. Herrington was quick to remind the audience and others to keep all four wheels on the road.) They have planted a variety of trees, reset some stones, and built a garage / tool shed, and have built a Columbarium for families to use. They also have a Memorial Park at the main entrance that honors our past citizens. He also encouraged people to consider using the Cemetery as an area for locals to walk. 

The members of the Troy Thursday Study Club certainly appreciated Herrington’s historical information regarding the founding and continual preservation of the Glenwood Cemetery.

The February business meeting was called to order by President Carol Lane, followed by members reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer.  President Lane shared a poem titled, “February Is.” She also shared some past clippings from the Canton newspaper highlighting past Troy Thursday Study Club Meeting from the past.

The minutes of the January 2019 meeting were read, and will stand as read. Carol Zuber read the monthly Treasurer’s Report, and it will be filed for financial review.

Committee Reports were as follows:

Program Committee Chairperson Carolyn Wilson reminded members of our next meeting at the Columbia Crossroads Methodist Church. She announced it would be on Thursday, March 21. The program will be The Civil War, presented by Mary Hawthorne.  

Remembrance Committee member Kathy Walsh indicated that three birthday cards and four get well cards had been sent to members this past month. Olynda Smith played Happy Birthday on the piano for all those having a birthday in February.

Town Beautification Committee Chairperson Fran Gardiner said the snowman is still missing from the bridge decorations, and can’t realize of all the winters, why he didn’t stay with us. If anyone has any information about its whereabouts, to please contact her.

President Lane thanked the Refreshment / Hostess Committee for a job well done and adjourned the meeting.

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