The Old Coot plays the pajama game?

When is it too early to put on your pajamas? Not an issue for you? It will be when you enter the land of old coot and cootessa-ville. Let’s see – early bird special dinner at four o’clock – winter sun sets around five – you’re not planning on going anywhere – no one’s coming over for a visit – is it okay to get into your jammers? And, settle in for the night? 

Emily Post doesn’t cover the subject! Google is of no help – It’s an issue you have to deal with on your own. What to do? What would people think if they knew you were jammered up by seven o’clock? Seven, because you certainly can’t watch the national news in your night clothes. Wouldn’t that be disrespectful to the country, the world? As long as the newscasters are wearing dresses, suits and ties you have to stay dressed in your day clothes. As soon as they sign off, the question rears its ugly head, “Is it too early to get into my pajamas?” 

What would happen if someone dropped by or the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or high school athletes rang your bell in hopes of selling you cookies, light bulbs or candy bars? Would you even answer the door? Best to have a long coat hanging in the hallway by the front door. In case the bell rings. Two problems solved – #1 the bell ringer will never know you’re wearing your pajamas – #2 if they are selling some real junk, like they sometimes do: magazines, greeting cards and the like, you can say, “Sorry, I’m on my way out; won’t you come back another time.”

So, go ahead; put on your pajamas as early as you want. You won’t find this in an etiquette book or by asking Google. If you want to see it in writing, go to and scroll down to the page titled – “Pajama Time.” The blog is the only known authority on old coot etiquette.  

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