Amnesty week at Bradford County Library

In honor of National Library Week, an amnesty program, “Pet Food for Fines”, will run from April 8-13, in support of the Bradford County Humane Society. 

A primary goal for Pet Food for Fines is to eliminate barriers to using the library while supporting the Bradford County Humane Society. Patrons can give back to our animal community and return their library account back in good standing. Donations will waive library overdue fines only, not fees for lost or damaged items.

Pet Food must be in store-sealed cans, boxes, or plastic containers within its expiration date. Glass containers, perishable food, or opened containers cannot be accepted. Homemade or home-canned items are not accepted. For every item donated, $5.00 in overdue fines will be waived. 

According to the Bradford County Humane Society, the most needed items are:

Purina cat food, Purina kitten chow, Non-clumping clay cat litter, and Pedigree dry dog food. Any other brand of dog food is fine and will be donated to people who arrive at the shelter with a voucher from TACO to get pet food they cannot afford. 

The Pet Food for Fines amnesty program will run during National Library Week from Monday, April 8 to Saturday, April 13 only at the Bradford County Library. The Library is located on Route 6, one mile west of the town of Burlington.  

For more information, call the Library at (570) 297-2436 for more information.

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