Troy Thursday Study Club News

Troy Thursday Study Club News

Crossroads Methodist Church for their monthly meeting. Members entered the meeting room, where festively decorated St. Patrick’s Day tables greeted them.  After socializing with each other, President Lane welcomed the members and read a poem entitled, “March.” The Refreshment Committee served lime cake that was topped with whipped cream.

President Lane asked this month’s meeting presider, Laura Steele, to introduce the program speaker.  She presented Mary Hawthorne, a retired Troy Area School District Music Educator, as well as currently directing the choir at the Holy Trinity Church in Troy, Pa. Hawthorne has a passionate interest about the events of the Civil War that she would share. She credits her sincere interest to this time period in our history from stories and tales her father told her as a child.

Hawthorne began by telling members that she thought of many famous incidents of the Civil War she could share with the members, and decided to focus on The Great Locomotive Chase, which is also known as Andrew’s Raid. She passed out maps for all to refer to during her presentation. The majority of this “chase” took place in Tennessee in 1862. The main focus was for the Union to steal a train that would destroy the lines of communication in the South.

Her speech also highlighted various individuals who helped with the cause, told about the soldier who was the first recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and the effect that the railroad lines played in the Civil War. “The General,” was the name of the train that was taken. There were many other causes that had an impact on this “chase” for the Union Army. They included the weather, which was so rainy that plans were changed. The equipment they needed to rip up the rails to stop the train was inadequate. The planners also did not ever consider that the Confederate Army person in charge would come walking after the train, AND use a handcart to catch up with them. At one point the train even had to go in reverse on the rails to get away.  

That did not happen, and eventually the water and wood for the fuel began to run out. Due to the delay, Hawthorne concluded in saying that the Union managed to be victorious on this raid, although the outcome could have been different if the timing had been different.  

President Lane thanked Hawthorne for such an informative session, and her efforts with the PowerPoint presentation that supported her facts.

The March business meeting was called to order by President Carol Lane, and was followed by members reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer.

The minutes of the February meeting were read, and will stand as read. Carol Zuber read the monthly Treasurer’s Report, and it will be filed for Financial review.

Committee Reports were as follows.

President Lane told members that the April Troy Thursday Study Club meeting would be held at the Troy Methodist Church (Holy Trinity Church) on April 18. The program will be “Who’s Story Is It?”   

Remembrance Committee has thought of those that are ill by sending cards and birthday cards to those born in March. “Happy Birthday” was sung to all those who had celebrated, led by Olynda Smith.

Marilyn Bohlayer is still taking pictures and updating the scrapbooks for the committee.

Town Beautification Committee Chairperson Fran Gardiner said the snowman is still wandering. She also noted that if there were any members with ideas and who might be interested in decorating the bridge, to please contact her.

Nomination Committee Chairperson stated that the Study Club is looking for a Vice President to serve. Contact Cynthia Eckert before the May meeting. A new slate of officers will be voted on at that meeting.

The Pierce Library in Troy, Pa., has returned books no longer in circulation that were donated in remembrance of past Troy Thursday Study Club members.  Current members were asked to pass the books on to those families.

Barbara Zaleski, Troy Thursday Study Club member, will be able to watch a program that her daughter, Linda, has produced on the History Channel. Those in attendance were encouraged to “tune in” to view one of our local woman’s talents.

President Lane thanked the Refreshment / Hostess Committee for a job well done and concluded the meeting with an “Irish Blessing.”  She then adjourned the March 2019 meeting.

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