Heritage Garden Club News

Heritage Garden Club NewsMembers of the Troy Girls Soccer Team help decorate the baskets in downtown Troy. Provided photo.

The Heritage Garden Club of Troy met on April 1 at the Holy Trinity Methodist Church. Thirteen members, two guests and four members of the Canton Garden Club were in attendance.

President Charlotte Lyon opened the meeting by introducing the program speaker, Ann Vayansky of the Tiadaghton Audubon Society, who gave a Power Point presentation entitled “Native Gardening is for the Birds”.  Vayansky stated that over 800 species of birds in Pennsylvania are rare or endangered. To help preserve these and other birds it is important to plant native species. 

Heritage Garden Club News
Pictured, Joanne Fogelman, Judy Warn and Barb Andrus hold their mushroom kits. Provided photo.

Most nursery plants are exotic species that are imported from other countries. The reason native species are crucial is because they have coevolved with native birds and other animals. Many birds and other animal species will only recognize as food those plants that they evolved with over thousands of years. In addition, some exotic trees only provide food for five species of caterpillars as compared to native oaks, which provide food for 500 species of caterpillars. This is important when you consider a single chickadee requires a diet of several hundred caterpillars, their only food source.

Vayansky said the most important reason for preserving natives is to help preserve the richness of the surviving remnant of our ecosystem in order to sustain our native insects. Native insects cannot eat alien plants. These insect pollinators pollinate one third of all plants. 

Heritage Garden Club News
Pictured is Ann Vayansky, guest speaker. Provided photo.

Following the program, members and guests enjoyed refreshments provided by Judy Warn and Debbie Wheeland. On display was District V’s Trash to Treasure entry, “Seasons in Bloom,” created by Barb Andrus, which will be judged at the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania state convention in Altoona. 

President Charlotte Lyon opened the business meeting by leading the members in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Barb Andrus and Judy Warn attended Gardening School in Exton March 25 and 26. They enjoyed the two-day course, which included a field trip to the Jenkin Arboretum for instruction in tree identification. They also created a mushroom kit that produces oyster mushrooms.

Heritage Garden Club News
Members of the Troy Girls Soccer Team help decorate the baskets in downtown Troy. Provided photo.

The garden club would like to thank the Troy girls soccer team for all their help in decorating the baskets with branches hung with colorful Easter eggs in the downtown area of Troy. Everyone had fun and the project went very quickly with their added support.

The Heritage Garden Club is pleased to have four scholarship applicants for Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania scholarships. The winners will be announced at the State Convention of GCFP, planned for April 7 through April 9 at Altoona. Barb Andrus, Sharon Brown, Vivian Hall and Judy Warn will be attending.

The next meeting of the Heritage Garden Club will be held on May 6. The program will be “White-Tailed Deer: Friend or Foe?” 

Heritage Garden Club News
Members of the Troy Girls Soccer Team help decorate the baskets in downtown Troy. Provided photo.

Heritage Garden Club is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania and National Garden Clubs, Inc. New members are always welcome. For more information, call Charlotte Lyon at (570) 297-4269.

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