Outdoor Adventure Klub News

Outdoor Adventure Klub NewsPictured, are the Green Machine and Aero Squads. Provided photo.

Over 100 people attended the Outdoor Adventure Klub (OAK) Recognition Banquet recently held at the North Street Community Church in Canton, Pa. After the Invocation by John Hickock, each of the four Squads that make up the Klub were recognized – first for what they have achieved as a group during the past year and then individually for the sterling character traits that made the Squad’s achievements possible. 

As the Squads came up to be recognized, they brought along their Squad Chest. These wooden chests on wheels were assembled and decorated by the boys themselves and are an expression of each Squad’s group identity. The chests contain all sorts of “treasures” that they use during their meetings. And since they are wheeled, they of course have a blast pushing each other around on them.  

Outdoor Adventure Klub News
Pictured, is the Grizzly Squad. Provided photo.

The lasagna dinner catered by Fran Martin was enjoyed at tables with centerpieces made by the sisters of the OAK boys. Afterward, the Squads entertained and instructed the crowd with displays and demonstrations before dessert was served. 

The youngest Squad, the Grizzlies, made a model of an elk with movable limbs. While doing so they learned many fascinating facts about this magnificent animal.

Outdoor Adventure Klub News
Pictured is the centerpiece. Provided photo.

The Wolfpack Squad of Middle Schoolers had a display of different ways to work with sheet metal. They showed what they had learned by using cutting, shaping, and fastening tools and techniques to make a figure of a giraffe and even a space alien.

The Jr. High boys in the Green Machine Squad teamed up with the Aero Squad of High School boys by building a hinged wooden box, but not for putting trinkets in. This box was big enough for one or more boys to climb into, which they demonstrated many times. 

Another item that was displayed was one of the brand new tents the Klub was able to purchase. These were picked up directly from the Eureka tent factory outlet in Binghamton, N.Y. The backpacking tents are sure to get some good use as the weather warms up. 

To finish the evening’s activities, dessert was provided by the OAK families along with ice cream. Wooden tic-tac-toe games that the boys had made were given out to all the guests. The boys concluded the evening with an “OAK Circle” where they all put their left hand in the middle of the circle of boys; their right hand up in the “OAK Sign” and all shouted together “Be An OAK!”

Outdoor Adventure Klub News
Pictured, is the new tent. Provided photo.

OAK (Outdoor Adventure Klub) is a Ministry of North Street Community Church for kindergarten through twelfth grade boys and is funded by donations – no joining fee. It is a place where boys can be boys, guided by Christian men. Each Squad in the Klub has boys of about the same age. 

For more information, call Jeff Deutschle, Klub Koordinator, at (570) 673-4275. 

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