Giving back, giving together

Giving back, giving togetherThe Wall of Honor behind the tellers at the C&N Bank in Troy. (Photo by C. R. Wagner)

American author Cynthia Ozick wrote, “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”

This year, Citizens and Northern Bank is showing gratitude to a very deserving group of our citizens – our veterans. This is being done through their program “Giving Back Giving Together.”

Giving back, giving together
Pictured at the Troy Vets Club, from left, are C&N employees Maureen House, Ellen Conboy, Melissa Peters, Crystal Bristol, and Barb Yanchuk. Provided photo.

As an employee-driven effort to create a positive and lasting impact on local communities, C& N Bank started “Giving Back Giving Together” in 2015. 

“Each year we choose an organization to work for, volunteering our time, raising funds for their organization and improving our community,” explained Manager Amy Ward. 

Giving back, giving together
A part of the “Wall of Honor” can be seen just to the left of this sign as you enter the C&N Bank in Troy. (Photo by C. R. Wagner)

“At the end of the year we as employees of C&N give input into an organization we’d like to sponsor,” said Ellen Conboy. “Then it’s narrowed down to four or five choices and all C&N employees vote.”

In 2015 the organization was the Troy Food Pantry; in 2016 it was the Troy Fire Department; in 2017 they helped children in need by providing the backpacks and food for the Backpack program in Canton; and in 2018 they provided books for the Allen F. Pierce Free Library in Troy.

Giving back, giving together
Collecting old cell phones for soldiers at the C&N Bank in Troy. (Photo by C.R. Wagner)

“In 2019 we have partnered with our local American Legion to honor our military veterans, and to help local veterans in need,” continued Ward. “Our goal is to honor our local heroes who have proudly served by filling our Wall of Honor with their names on the flags and to raise funds to help our local veterans who may need some assistance.” 

All branches of C&N Bank are giving back to veterans in 2019.

Giving back, giving together
This photo shows some of the flags on the Wall of Honor. (Photo by C.R. Wagner)

Every quarter the Troy branch of C&N holds an event to raise money. In March they had a lottery tree. Employees purchased lottery tickets and hung them on a tree in the bank lobby. Chances were sold to win the tree full of tickets.

“During the second quarter we’re honoring our vets through our Wall of Honor,” said Conboy.

Giving back, giving together
This display tells us that “We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.” (Photo by C.R. Wagner)

Members of the community have purchased a flag for veterans they want to honor and those flags make up the Wall of Honor that hangs behind the tellers. Then, a flag will be placed on the front lawn of the C&N Bank in Troy for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

C&N Bank is doing everything they can to help honor and support our veterans. On Saturday, May 18, the Troy Vet’s Club sponsored a luncheon for Armed Services Day. C&N employees volunteered to serve the Veterans.

Giving back, giving together
This display tells us that “We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.” (Photo by C.R. Wagner)

C&N is also working through the website, cell phones for soldiers, and collecting old, but still usable cell phones. It is important that people donating phones put them back to the factory settings. The Troy branch serves as a drop off point and they will be shipping the phones out by June 10.

“Funds raised through donations and events goes into a fund to help our local vets,” explained Conboy. 

Giving back, giving together
A tree full of lottery tickets raffled off at C&N Bank in Troy. Provided photo.

Referring to their Giving Back Giving Together, Conboy added, “There are two co-captains but we do everything as a team.”

Matt Landis and Melissa Peters are the co-captains for this year.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the community,” said Landis. “And are proud of our veterans and glad we can support them.”

Giving back, giving together
C&N employees Will Holmes, on the left, and Matt Landis volunteer at the Troy Vet’s Club luncheon. Provided photo.

The team at C&N asks for the support of the community as well. If you or your company knows of a veteran to honor come in and have a flag put on the wall. If you know of a veteran in need, please let them know. 

“If you know of a veteran who is serving abroad who might need a care package or thank you cards please give us their name and contact information,” said Ward.

A display inside the Citizens and Northern Bank in Troy represents our veterans and all they have fought for with the words “Freedom isn’t Free.” But the real message says, “We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.”

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