Academic Awards

Academic AwardsCarrie Brown, pictured with her family, receives the Sara Lynne Cole Memorial Award. Provided photo.

The 2018 academic awards, held for ninth through twelfth grade students, recently honored and recognized outstanding achievements of Troy High School students. Students and parents alike filled the auditorium, waiting for the ceremony to commence.

Anna Lewis and Brandon Schrader began the ceremony by introducing themselves and by giving a warm welcome to all who attended. 

The awards and scholarships, being introduced and given away by presenters, began shortly after.

Academic Awards
Shawna Weeks, pictured, receives the Jason Burnham Memorial Award. Provided photo.

Presenters came from many different groups such as the VFW, Troy Lions club, and Wells Jackson Township. They were all present and ready to give their awards to students who earned them.

However, some awards and scholarships did not come from a group alone. Many were offered in honor of a specific person who had left a special impact on others. 

Many presenters, whether they were from a group or individually, gave inspiring speeches. Betsy Seeley, for example, had a few last words for each senior within the room, leaving for their next chapter in life.

Academic Awards
Dylan Cole, pictured, receives the Fine Arts Council of Troy Award. Provided photo.

“Learn, educate, grow,” Seeley said. “Keep growing. Don’t stop here.”

Further on into the ceremony, the teacher of the year award, presented by Marissa Bulkley, was granted. Bulkley’s short speech, prior to rewarding the teacher, was based on statements students had given about him.

“His passion for science is inspiring. He expects their [his student’s] very best,” said the students. “And he will deny every one of these things due to his extremely humble nature.”

The award this year was given to Mr. W. Robert Stark.

The realization of who had won the award brought the entire student body and their parents to their feet in a standing ovation for the choice.

Heather Bohner, a presenter after the teacher of the year award said, “Congratulations, Mr. Stark. It’s well deserved.”

In total, there were 81 awards and scholarships given, many of which had more than one recipient. Students who received such awards possess honor, courage, ethic, character, leadership, and many other positive skills. 

“It’s nice to see all of the talent we have here Troy,” said Katherine Polakowski. “We are all very honored to have such generous donors for our scholarships.”

And Stacy Houseknecht, who dedicated her time to run the ceremony, said, “The kids work really hard. We have a very good group of teachers. They do it all.” 

The complete list of awards, submitted by Stacy Houseknecht, secretary to the principal, is as follows:

ALLETE – Gabrielle Bohner and Nathaniel Graybill; Rotary Youth Leadership Award – Hope Houseknecht, Olivia Demas, Nick Williams; Troy Pivot Scholarship – Coral Root; Voice of Democracy Award: 3rd place, Sean Bennett, 2nd place, Mallori Morse, and 1st place, Matthew Davison; VFW Teacher of the Year – Mrs. Smyth; Patriot Pen: 3rd place, Lillian DePew, 2nd place, Sara Reed, and 1st place, Anthony Polakowski; Daniel Pomeroy, Devin Fries; John Phillip Sousa Award, Connor Simpson; Patrick S Gilmore Band Award, Kalee Jennings; Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, Sophie Williams; Rex Wright Memorial Award, Gabrielle Bohner; The Directors Award for Band, Vicky Yang and Nicholas Call; Paul Kulago Memorial Award, Ryder Lathrop; Bradford County Regional Arts Council Arts Excellence Award, Andrea Heasley; Choral Music Award, Sophie Williams and Connor Simpson; Troy High School Drama Award, Sophie Williams and Nicholas Call; Brian Dunbar Memorial Award in Drama, Kaine Hoffman; Dupont Sciences, Engineering and Mathematic Scholarship, Brianna Rathbun; Danielle Heasley Memorial Award, Casandra Burbank; Fine Arts Council of Troy, Dylan Cole; Fine Arts Council in Memory of Rose Harley, 11th grade student Stephen Dietrich, 10th grade student Patience Guilds, and 9th grade student Ivy Spalding; Columbia / Gillett Grange #83 in Family and Consumer Science, Ella Harding; Lifetouch Yearbook Scholarship, Elizabeth Schumaker; Jordan Fitwater Citizenship Award, Seth Anderson; Guthrie Troy Community Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship, Kia Maynard; The Robert W Grantier Service Award, Vicky Yang; Logan Weed Citizenship Award, Bailey Cohick; Dr. Kirkowski Science Award,  Kaden Murray; Troy Lions Huck Scholarship, Gabby Bohner; Troy Lions Club, Wendall Judson, and Jim Merritt Memorial Awards, Janie Barrett and Crystal Jones; Faye D. VanNoy, Hunter Swain Foust; T. A. E. A. / E. S. P. A. Scholarship, Erin Wrisley, Caitlyn Hoffman and Hannah Houseknecht; Wells Jackson Township, Madeline DeLosa; George Douglas / LPGA Corning Classic Scholarship, Katherine Polakowski; Outstanding National Honor Society Member Award, Nicholas Call; The S.T. Davey Award for Agriculture, Brooke Padgett; L. Ronald Saunders Memorial Award, Roxanne Kingsley; Columbia / Gillett #83 in Agriculture, Roxanne Kingsley; L.R. Guilliame Award, Emilie Cole; Trevor Cooke Memorial Award, Hannah Houseknecht; Thursday Study Club Award, Connor Simpson; Outstanding Spanish Award, Kia Maynard; Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation, Olivia Call and Owen Williams; Betty Jane Dunbar Memorial Award, Brooke Hinman; Raymond and Mildred Bradley Altuistic Award, Madeline DeLosa; Robert J Merrill Memorial Award, Marissa Bulkley; Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence, Sophie Williams; Scholastic Excellence Award,  Vicky Yang; Presidential Academic Fitness Award Silver, Tori Fitwater, Autumn Gilbert, Hunter Kendall, Roxanne Kingsley, Kia Maynard, Riley McClellan, Coral Root and Shawna Weeks.

Madison Alexander, Gabrielle Bohner, Marissa Bulkley, Nicholas Call, Nicholas Colton, Madeline Delosa, Devin Fries, Nathaniel Graybill, Brooke Hinman, Caitlyn Hoffman, Hannah Houseknecht, Kaden Murray, Katherine Polakowski, Brianna Rathbun, Connor Simpson, Sophie Williams, Erin Wrisley, and Vicky Yang received gold Awards. 700 Club One Subject recipients included Nicholas Call, Madeline DeLosa, Devin Fries, Nathaniel Graybill, Brooke Hinman, and Vicky Yang. Both Subjects were awarded to Gabrielle Bohner, Katherine Polakowski, Sohie Williams.

The Jim and Vivian Hall Scholarship was awarded to Madeline DeLosa, Autumn Gilbert, Caitlyn Hoffman, Kia Maynard and Carrie Brown; the J. Clark Van Bloom and Mary Rita Van Bloom Scholarship, Shawna Weeks; The Lester S Patterson Scholarship Award, Brooke Loveland; American Legion #49 School Award, Roxanne Kingsley and Nicholas Call; Ryan Jayne Memorial Scholarship, Kallysta Arnold and Tyler Williams; Jana Putnam Memorial FBLA Outstanding Member of the Year, Dylan Cole; Frances Elsree Award, Seth Anderson; Carson Consumer Discount Award, Seth Anderson; Canton Women of the Moose, Dylan Cole; Teacher of the Year, Mr. W. Robert Stark; Suzanne Putnam Award, Alicia Baldwin; The Jason Burnham Memorial Award, Shawna Weeks, Kendell Case, and Hunter Wolfe; Sara Lynne Cole Memorial Scholarship, Carrie Brown; Morris Run American Legion Post #167 Award, Nathaniel Graybill, Hunter Kendall, Kaden Murray, Katherine Polakowski, Madisyn Alexander, Alicia Baldwin, Bailey Cohick, Dawson Davy, Elizabeth Schumaker, Adrian Weaver; Mark H. Kingsley Memorial Award, Gabby Bohner; Brian R. Shaner Memorial Scholarship, Katherine Polakowski; The Horatio Alger Association, Vicky Yang; Daniel G. Paris Memorial Scholarship, Carrie Brown; Hubbard Endowment Scholarship, Nicholas Call, Devin Fries, Brooke Padgett, Erin Wrisley, Hannah Houseknecht; Rhonda Gene Kelly Award, Alexis Filan; Ryan Hettich Memorial Award, Caitlyn Hoffman; Curtis Spalding Scholarship Award, Bailey Cohick; Belle F. Powers Scholarship, Crystal Jones; Bausch and Lomb Science Award, Morgan Graybill; Robert Buchler Memorial Award, Kia Maynard; Good Citizenship Award, Vicky Yang and Hannah Houseknecht; and the Joseph R Every Scholarship, Madeline DeLosa and Erin Wrisley.

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