Live Soulfully

Live SoulfullyStoryteller Bob Hughes is pictured at the Bradford County Manor. Provided photo.

Last week was “National Nursing Home” Week and Bradford County Manor celebrated with a theme of “Live Soulfully.”

What do people do to live soulfully in Bradford County? Each day of that week residents had someone special come to answer that question.

Live Soulfully
Bandit plays with a ball with owner Mike Whitehead and staff member Dawn Chamberlain at the Bradford County Manor. Provided photo.

On Monday, May 13, Game Commissioner Blake Garth came to talk about the Bradford County Manor history.

Tuesday was Dairy Day. Of course there was an ice cream sundae bar with Complete Healthcare Resources. A visit from Dairy Princess alternate Taylor Bride-Marshall made things extra special.

On Wednesday morning, Karen Tworsky and Barb Barrett came to talk to the residents about the Farm Museum in Troy. Their talk included who, what and where they are and how everyday chores were accomplished. They had fun showing artifacts from the “olden” days.

Live Soulfully
Game Commissioner Blake Garth is pictured at the Bradford County Manor. Provided photo.

“It went well,” said Tworsky. “The residents really interacted with us. It felt so good!” 

“There was a gentleman resident there who previously was a volunteer for the museum when he was well enough,” continued Tworsky. “He brightened our day and I think he enjoyed reminiscing.”

Wednesday was a busy day. That afternoon Bob Hughes entertained them with his storytelling.

Live Soulfully
Dairy Princess Alternate Taylor Bride-Marshall is pictured at the Bradford County Manor. Provided photo.

On Thursday they had some special visitors. Robyn Cummings visited from the Bradford County Tourism Board in the morning. In the afternoon the Free Masons and Eastern Star visited.

Friday was also Employee Recognition Day at the Manor. The employees there work hard, with care and compassion for the residents.

 “One thing I noticed when I came here is that our staff have more genuine compassion than I have seen in most other homes,” said Jim Neely.

 “We spend all week doing special things for our residents,” said Recreational Therapist Pam Brown. “Friday there will be something special for our employees.”

National Nursing Home Week ended with “Llama Drama” on Saturday when residents had a visit from a baby llama who they were able to choose a name for. They chose Bandit!

It was a very special week, but after days of different events, the residents were a little anxious to get back to their normal routine. So, on Friday they returned to their own soulful living. They had BINGO because, as Pam Brown exclaimed, “They love BINGO.”

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