Bradford County property transactions

Thomas G. Walmsley and Laurie A. Walmsley to Laurie A. Walmsley of LeRaysville for property in LeRaysville Borough for $1.

Andrea E. Carpenter, Bradford County Sheriff and Sheriff of Bradford County to Howard O’Neil and Valerie O’Neil of Sayre for property in Athens Township for $114,000.

Sunil H. Kulatunge and Jeanette L. Kulatunge to Nathan D. Powers and Rianna M. Powers of Athens for property in Athens Borough Fourth Ward for $100,000.

Randy G. Mohr and Linda M. Mohr to Randy G. Mohr Trustee, Linda M. Mohr Trustee, Randy G. Mohr Revocable Trust Agreement and Linda M. Mohr Revocable Trust Agreement of New Albany for property in Albany Township for $1.

Kristy Fisher and Glenn Shaffer to Tricia Tietjen of Athens for property in Athens Borough Third Ward for $112,000.

John Heeman Jr. and Johanna Heeman to Vickie L. Heeman and Brent Heeman of Wyalusing for property in Wyalusing Borough for $1.

Scott E. Chase and Karen L. Chase to Sarah Charnitski of New Albany for property in Overton Township for $180,000.

Tammy L. Hicks and Mark D. Hicks to Tammy L. Hicks of LeRaysville for property in Pike Township for $1.

Joel David Stevens, Jessica Stevens, Lorna Ann Stevens Zeplin and Robert Zeplin to Bonnie Sue Stevens of Sugar Run for property in Wilmot Township for $1.

Calvin L. Ayres and Sandra Sabatini to David Earle and Nancy Earle of Granville Summit for property in Granville Township for $150,000.

Elton E. Winskie and Billie T. Winskie to Lynn Furman and Christy Furman of Richmond, Virginia, for property in Warren Township for $243,000.

Kevin L. Rider, Kenneth D. Rider, Keith A. Rider, Keith A. Rider (POA) and Clyde H. Rider to John P. Nekrasz Jr. of Towanda for property in Monroe Township for $95,000.

Karen C. Matoushek, Michael Matoushek, Gerald E. Coolbaugh, Cornelia M. Coolbaugh, David B. Coolbaugh, Cynthia L. Coolbaugh, Gail C. Ford, Eldon Ford, Alan L. Coolbaugh, Mark T. Coolbaugh and Judith A. Coolbaugh to Karen Matoushek and Michael Matoushek of LeRaysville for property in Orwell Township for $52,000.

Jacob D. Kneebone, Sarah L. Kneebone and Sarah L. Werner to Justin D. Fitzwater and Whitney S. Fitzwater of Troy for property in Troy Borough for $145,000.

Marlene Wilber to Jesus M. Barajas and Debra L. Barajas of Champaign, Illinois, for property in Canton Township for $1.

Marlene Wilber to Cheryl D. Rogers and Debra L. Barajas of Sylvania, for property in Canton Township for $1.

Gary L. Crane, Elsie L. Crane, Clifford W. Crane, Pamela A. Crane, Katherine J. Crane, Michael A. Crane, Suzanne E. Crane and Gary L. Crane (POA) to Gary L. Crane and Katherine J. Crane of Ulster for property in Smithfield Township for $1.

Lavera O. Seymour to Lavera O. Seymour, John R. Seymour and Wilda G. Seymour of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, for property in Stevens Township for $1.

Ricki L. Baker, Ricki L. Smith (AKA), Ricki L. Spiak (NBM) and Wayne Spiak to Michael L. Smith and Kay L. Smith of Columbia Cross Roads for property in Springfield Township for $73,000.

Sallie W. Welles Estate, Connie Welles Executrix and Sallie White Welles Estate (AKA) to Conie Welles, James Welles and Penny Welles of Las Cruces, New Mexico, for property in Terry Township for $1.

Katherine S. Barrett to Kelly S. Barrett and Katie E. Barrett of Athens for property in Athens Township for $1.

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