‘Redeemed’ to perform at Standing Stone United With Christ Church

The group “Redeemed” will provide the special music for the Standing Stone United With Christ Church on Sunday, July 21 at 7 p.m.

The “Redeemed” Group is very well known for their singing, humor, and harmonizing abilities. They sing Southern Gospel and are from the Williamsport and New Albany area. They have been together for 25 years and all attend difference churches. 

This dynamic singing group has been enthusiastically received in concerts throughout the East Coast. The group sings many Southern Gospel favorites as well as some traditional church songs. They have recorded several albums and sung in concerts with many other well-known Gospel Groups. They sing a message of love and encouragement that is brought to you in song. 

The group consists of Keith Woodcock (bass / baritone), Gene Bixby (lead singer), Jim Barrett (baritone), and Monty Hornberger (tenor). Each member loves to share their testimony in word and also song.

Faith Jaynes is the organist, Carol O’Brien is the pianist, and Rev. Terry Parks is the speaker. Come and join us for an evening of worshipping Christ through music.

The Church is located on River Road in Standing Stone. 

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