Heritage Garden Club News

Heritage Garden Club NewsSandy Kingsley wins the raffled afghan and pillows made by Beverly Eighmey. Provided photo.

The Heritage Garden Club held their Aug. 5 meeting at the Holy Trinity United Methodist Church at 7 p.m. The evening’s program was open to the public and featured speakers included Charlie and Joyce Andrews. They have been overseers and officers of the Tioga County Concerned Citizens Committee, Inc. for over 30 years.  

Heritage Garden Club News
Pictured, are Joyce (Secretary) and Charlie Andrews (President) of the TCCCC, Inc. Provided photo.

Local citizens are concerned about the causes of and hazardous effects in the pH quality and elements of our rivers. The Upper Tioga River watershed encompasses 280 square miles in north central Pennsylvania and is part of the Susquehanna and Chesapeake Bay watersheds.  

The Tioga River starts in Bradford County on Armenia Mountain and as recent as the 1970’s its’ ecosystem supported the Class A wild brook trout populations.  Findings have shown the river is severely affected by acid mine drainage (AMD) from Fall Brook to Bear Creek, all the way up to the Tioga/Hammond Dam Complex. 

Heritage Garden Club News
This delicious Dirt Cake was made by Caroline Hall, and was decorated with candies, succulents and fairies on the pathway, which was enjoyed by all. Provided photo.

AMD discharges from abandoned deep mines are the primary cause impacting the tributaries (Morris Run, Coal Creek, Bear Creek) into the Tioga River. Charlie and Joyce’s work to get support and grants needed for treatment systems to return the ecosystem to support aquatic life has seen trials and is complex. Areas such as Bear Creek or places where you can see rocks stained orange indicates pollution of iron oxide, manganese and aluminum, and low pH’s ranging 2.9 has killed off all aquatic life.  

Limestone has been found helpful to absorb these elements, and in 2003 a study conducted to identify all sources of AMD found a better treatment purification process was needed. A ‘Tioga County Concerned Citizens Committee, Inc. tri-fold – “Save the Tioga River” and donation for the Upper Tioga River Watershed information was passed out with maps showing the degrees of the tributaries with the worst water qualities.  

Heritage Garden Club News
Map of Upper Tioga River Watershed. Provided photo.

Several organizations have supported the development of new systems that require maintenance terms. Donations can be made by visiting www.tcccc-inc.org, or mail a check made payable to TCCCC, Inc., “Save the Tioga River” Project, P.O. Box 124, Blossburg, Pa. 16912. 

After the program, Caroline Hall and Vivienne Slear provided refreshments. President Charlotte Lyon called the business meeting to order. A quorum was present with 10 members, and the minutes were read with no corrections.  

The Boy Scouts from Troop 4049 will continue the watering schedule for the downtown baskets until Aug. 31. They thank them for their help! It was discussed to attend the Troy Borough meeting to ask the local businesses to water the basket by their door, if needed. The members have assigned baskets also to water. 

Heritage Garden Club News
Vivienne Slear used these compostable cups made from plants to repurpose this cup. Provided photo.

Laura Steele and Barb Andrus thanked those who entered an exhibit in the Troy Fair this year. Gene Martin won the Heritage Garden Club Tropical Award in the Senior Division for his Grapefruit Tree and Lana Bradford won the Heritage Garden Club Tropical Award in the Junior Division for her Fairy Garden.  Charlotte thanked Beverly Hunter for donating her prize money to the Club. There was another recent donation to the Club; Beverly Eighmey of Elmira, N.Y. made red, white and blue crocheted pillows and an afghan to raffle, and tickets were sold at the Troy Town Cruisers to benefit the Heritage Garden Club. 

Judy Warn and her husband Jim attended the 14th Annual “Elmira Blooms” Garden Tour on Sunday, July 14 – a self-guided tour. 

Under New Business, Sharon Brown motioned to make a $50 donation to the speakers from TCCCC, Inc.; Caroline Hall seconded it and all were in favor.

Members are encouraged to attend the Annual District V Meeting that will be held Sept. 5 at the Susquehanna Country Club in Hummel’s Wharf. A $50 basket for raffle will need to be put together for the District Meeting; the theme is “Autumn Reflections” with designer Keith Phelps for the program. Members are encouraged to review the revised District V Bylaws prior to the meeting. Bring any items for the Ways and Means table. The committee for the 2020 Annual District V meeting will need to meet to develop a theme.

The Heritage Garden Club is hosting a National Garden Clubs (NGC) Small Standard Flower Show on Sept. 21 and 22. It will be held at the Heritage Village’s Mitchell House and Carriage House. Barb Andrus is the Flower Show Chairperson and Charlotte Lyon is the Co-Chairperson. The theme is “Thyme After Time” and will be related to the Heritage Fall Festival’s theme ‘From Snake Oil to Modern Medicine’.  

Heritage Garden Club News
President Leon English and members of the Canton Garden Club are pictured at Barb’s Water Garden for a Meet and Greet lunch with members of the Heritage Garden Club. Provided photo.

The Show will have a Design Division, Horticulture Division and an Educational Division. Entries are open to members of the Garden Club and to the public. The Design Division will have a total of 12 designs. There are three Classes; Class 1 ‘Miracle Cure’ is a Creative Line design; Class 2 ‘Remedy for Relaxation’ is a Traditional Mass Design; and Class 3, ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ is a Petite design. There are four entries in each class. It is a first come basis until the Classes are filled. 

Contact Barb or Charlotte for a rulebook with descriptions of the Classes and the Consultant to contact to register your entry. Pre-registration is required for the Design Classes. If you cannot do the design after registering you are responsible to find someone to fill your spot. 

The Horticulture Classes includes Section A, ‘Season’s Autumn Hues’ Annuals – Dahlias, Helianthus-Sunflowers, Tagetes – Marigolds or any other named Annual; Section B includes ‘The Grand Finale of Fall’ Perennials – Achillea Yarrow, Chrysanthemums, Gaillardia Blanket Flower, or any other named perennial; and Section C includes ‘Timeless Beauty’ Rosa & Hips – Miniature, Shrub Rugosa, Tea or any other named rose. The exhibits must be fresh and owned by the exhibitor for 90 days.  No pre-registration is necessary for the Horticulture Division.

Entry cards are available to complete before the show if needed. All exhibits can be entered on Friday, Sept. 20 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. All entries must be removed promptly at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 22. Judging will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 21 following the rules of the 2017 Handbook For Flower Shows from NGC.  

There are currently three openings in each of the Design Classes. There is no cost to enter the Flower Show. Best of Show Award is given in Design and one in Horticulture; the Award of Appreciation will be awarded in the Educational Division.  

The Heritage Garden Club Sweepstakes Award will be awarded to the exhibitor winning the most Blue Ribbons. The Schedule rulebook is the Law of the Show.

Members of the Canton Garden Club came to Barb’s water garden on Tuesday, Aug. 13. They provided a delicious dish to pass lunch, which was enjoyed after touring Barb’s garden. The Meet and Greet with members of the Heritage Garden Club shared lots of conversation and informed members of the upcoming Flower Show. President Leon English has shared he would like the clubs to do more activities together. All enjoyed the day.
The next Heritage Garden Club meeting will be on Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. at the Holy Trinity United Methodist Church on Redington Avenue. Charlotte Lyon will provide materials and techniques for creating wood-slice pumpkins for the beautification fall display baskets. Wear old clothes for painting. Hosts are Beverly Hunter and Barb Andrus. 

The Heritage Garden Club is a member of Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania GCFP and National Garden Clubs NGC and is always looking for new members. Visit www.pagardenclubs.org for further information.

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