Master Gardner Exhibit at the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival 

Master Gardner Exhibit at the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival Pictured, is a portion of the kite created by Nancy Menio, PSU Master Gardener. The kite’s theme: Bradford and Sullivan Counties, the best of Pennsylvania's Northern Tier! Provided photo.

The Pennsylvania Heritage Festival, planned for Sept. 21 and 22 on the grounds of the Heritage Village and Farm Museum in Troy, Pa. is pleased to exhibit Bradford / Sullivan County’s entry in the International Master Gardner Conference. 

Created by Nancy Menio, PSU Master Gardener. The kite’s theme: Bradford and Sullivan Counties, the best of Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier! Each of the eight panels on the kite is titled and features a THEN and NOW asset for the county.

Example: Bradford County, THEN our local Railroad Industry in the late 1800’s and NOW the Sayre Train Station serves as Sayre Historical Society’s Museum and features our rich Railroad history.

Example: Sullivan County, THEN Eagles Mere recreation in the late 1800’s and NOW recreation 100-plus years later.

Pennsylvania was the host state this year for the International Master Gardener Conference. It is a tradition for the host state to decorate the conference space with creative designs that tie into the theme and location of the conference.  Pennsylvania’s theme was: “Penn’s Woods: Digging Into Our Roots.” The conference highlighted various roots: historic, horticultural and epicurial, to name a few. Because Benjamin Franklin was such an important figure in the United States and Philadelphia history, kites were chosen to underscore the theme and used to decorate the conference space.

Forty-one Pennsylvania counties participated and submitted a multidimensional kite or the traditional diamond shaped kite representing the special assets of their county. All different types of medium were used to create the kites – Lancaster County used quilted fabric to tell their story; one kite honored Fred Rogers, host of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, who grew up in Westmoreland County and used an overlay glass painting technique to create his portrait; and a multidimensional kite shaped like a whiskey barrel with tri-corner hats trailing behind as its tail – representing, when colonial times saw the imposition of the new country’s first tax on a domestic product, the whiskey brewed in Western Pennsylvania’s Washington County. All forty-one kites were incredible!

In addition to bringing the themed display kite, the exhibit will provide horticultural handouts, educational involvement, and information about the Bradford and Sullivan County Master Gardener program.

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