Heritage Garden Club News

Heritage Garden Club NewsFran Gardiner - 1st Place in Petite Design, Spoonful of sugar.

The Heritage Garden Club of Troy met on Oct. 7 at the Holy Trinity Methodist Church. President Charlotte Lyon opened the meeting and Vice President Laura Steele led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Heritage Garden Club News
Bernie Petry – Best of Show in Horticulture.

Charlotte Lyon introduced the speaker, Joanne Fogelman, who shared her herbal expertise. She is a member of the Fishing Creek Herb Guild, the Muncy Herb Guild, and the McEwensville Garden Club. 

Heritage Garden Club News
Leon English – 1st Place Traditional Mass Design.

Fogelman stated that the definition of an herb is any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume. A spice is any dried plant used for seasoning. She brought a number of herbs including catmint, catnip, lemon verbena, paploquelite, rosemary, and stevia. The garden club, with the exception of stevia and paploquelite, readily identified most of the herbs. Everyone who sampled the stevia said the stevia tasted just like sugar and the paploquelite, a Mexican herb, tasted much like cilantro.

Heritage Garden Club News
Judy Warn (not pictured is Holly Keegan) – Appreciation Award, Educational Exhibit.

The baskets downtown have been refurbished with fall decor. Barb Andrus and other members say they have received many compliments from members of the community.

Heritage Garden Club News
Judy Warn and Beverly Hunter assisted the judges.

The Fall Festival was discussed. Vivian Hall reported the club’s bake sale was very successful. The club also sponsored a National Garden Clubs Small Standard Flower Show. Among the winners were Leon English, Best of Show in design and First Place in the Traditional Mass Design; Bernie Petry, Best of Show in Horticulture; Fran Gardiner, First place in Petie Design in the Spoonful of Sugar class; Barb Andrus, Sweepstakes Award in Design and Horticulture; Holly Keegan and Judy Warn, Appreciation Award for the Educational Exhibit; Barb Andrus, First Place in the Miracle Cure in Creative Line Design; and Leon English, First Place in the Traditional Mass Design.

The club has decided to take part in the Bradford County Heritage Association’s Christmas tree event that will take place at the Carriage House in the Heritage Village at Alparon Park. It will be a one day event, which the club also took part in last year.

Heritage Garden Club News
Sharon Brown, Vivian Hall and Vivienne Slear manning the bake sale.

Barb Andrus, Sharon Brown, Vivian Hall, and Judy Warn attended the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania Fall board meeting at Boalsburg, Pa. Oct. 14-15. Vivian Hall and Judy Warn planned to attend the Leadership Workshop during the meeting. 

Following the business meeting, refreshments were served by Fran Gardiner and Holly Keegan.

Heritage Garden Club News
Joanne Fogelman presenting an Herb Program.

New members are always welcome. For more information about becoming a member, call Charlotte Lyon at (570) 297-4269. 

The Heritage Garden Club is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania and National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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