Pink Day

Pink DayRalph and Priscilla Knapp are pictured with the wooden items they are donating to this year's "Pink Day" auction.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Most of us know someone who has or has had some form of cancer. It’s not an easy battle.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 28, 29 and 30, the Guthrie Troy Community Hospital Mammography Department will be having their “Pink Day.” This special and rewarding event is to promote breast cancer awareness and the importance of screening mammograms. Their department has 2-D and 3-D capabilities.

Pink Day
Pictured, is the cross and survivor sign that Ralph Knapp made to donate to “Pink Day.”

During all three days there will be a Chinese Auction set up in the hallway of the mammography department with various items pertaining to “Pink Day” and breast cancer awareness. Individuals and businesses in the community have donated items for the auction. All proceeds will go to Troy Mammography / Breast Fund. The drawings will take place at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Ralph and Priscilla Knapp have been donating items for this Chinese auction for many years.

Pink Day
Pictured, is the cross that Ralph Knapp made from black walnut and birch. He cut it out with a scroll saw. The designs on the birch are cut all the way through so the black walnut shows through.

“I’ve been volunteering for hospice for many years, helping people cope with cancer, especially breast cancer,” said Priscilla. “One of my sisters had breast cancer. I’m also a cancer survivor.”

Ralph does woodworking of all kinds. He is a regular volunteer at the Farm Museum and the Fire Department in Troy. He has built many needed items for Farm Days, the Heritage Festival and other events.

Pink Day
ictured, is the survivor sign that Ralph Knapp made from black walnut and birch, cut out with a scroll saw. The birch letters are three dimensional, attached to the black walnut.

Both Ralph and Priscilla spent 30 years volunteering on the local ambulance.

Naturally, when “Pink Day” came up Ralph and Priscilla were right there volunteering again.

Ralph has used his fine woodworking skills to make many items to donate to past Pink Days. This year he crafted a beautiful cross and a survivor sign. He worked on them in between all of his other projects. He found the design for the cross and the survivor sign in a woodworking magazine.

Pink Day
Pictured are some of the wooden items Ralph Knapp made for past “Pink Day” auctions; all items are made from hard woods.

“He doesn’t really need the patterns though; just the ideas,” explained Priscilla. “Then he can make them.”

“I enjoy doing this kind of work,” said Ralph. “Most everything I make I donate to one organization or another.”

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