Local indie authors

Local indie authorsAuthors Ruth Lee, left, and C. R. Wagner are pictured at the Waverly Free Library.

What is an indie author?  It’s someone who has self-published at least one book. Those authors are ones who maintain complete creative control by self-publishing through various companies that offer services such as editing, layout page design, templates and printing. Some indie authors do all of those things except for the printing. Indie authors don’t have to “sell” their book ideas to publishing houses or agents. 

My book, “The People of Bradford County” was done in just that way. I am an indie author who did all the design and layout; the only thing I sent out for was the printing.

In October 2016, the first annual Indie Author Day was held in libraries all over North America. It was a day for indie authors to come together to share their books, have discussions and meet other indie authors. 

Last month, I participated in Indie Author Day on Oct. 12 at the Waverly Free Library. There, I met and shared with some very interesting local authors who had self-published like I had. Five of us were there with our books available for purchase and signing.

Ruth Lee, from Bradford County, with her sister Janice Wilcox wrote and self-published a book about their father. Daddy-O’s Journey into the Bygone Years was written to honor William G. Lee and contains amazing memories that they gathered throughout his lifetime, growing up in Bradford County during a “bygone” era.

William Bostick, currently from Waverly, had several books, including his favorite, The Pursuit of Paradise, a novel about a young writer and his struggles, which takes place in New York City. Bostick lived over 20 years in New York City and has written eleven novels that take place there. His books are available from amazon.com.

Local indie authors
William Bostick is pictured with The Pursuit of Paradise at the Waverly Free Library.

Terry Pruyne, (pronounced prine) a sports reporter for The Towanda Daily Review and currently an English teacher at Corning Painted Post High School, was at the Waverly Free Library for Indie Author Day. He had three books that he self-published and one in which he had contributed to its writing. Pruyne’s books are of sports nicknames. He started researching the topic in the 1990’s, before Internet access and is still researching today. His three books, Sports Nicknames, Football Nicknames and Basketball Nicknames are all available on amazon.com.

Local indie authors
Terry Pruyne is pictured with his sports nicknames books at the Waverly Free Library.

“I think everybody relates to it,” said Pruyne. “Everybody has a nickname.”

His is “Pruyne Time.” On his classroom door it says, “It’s Pruyne Time.”

Michael Keane, “a true citizen of the road” and author and storyteller currently from the Southern Tier of New York, has several books about his own experiences journalized through his long distance hiking. His adventures have taken him across our country as well as Ireland and the El Camino de Santiago. His favorite is Hiking to Hell and Back. All of his books are available on amazon.com.

Local indie authors
Michael Keane, author of Hiking to Hell and Back, is pictured at the Waverly Free Library.

“There is a great deal of philosophy and humor in the books,” said Keane. “I don’t hesitate to give my opinions.”

“If ever you are going to hike 3,000 miles, you need three things – a good hat on your head, a good stick in your hand and a good song in your heart,” continued Keane.

“As a library, the written word is the center of everything we do and everything we have,” said Waverly Free Library Director Chris Brewster. “And as visitors to our Local Authors section can see, we have a lot of local and regional talent.”

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