Guthrie employees celebrate ‘Radiology Days’

Guthrie employees celebrate ‘Radiology Days’Kennedy Wheeler with Aspen, an adoptable and extraordinarily energetic dog. Provided photo.

Employees of the Guthrie Radiology Department celebrated “Radiology Days” by performing backbreaking labor at Bradford County Humane Society (BCHS) on Sunday, Nov. 3.  

Guthrie employees celebrate ‘Radiology Days’
Pictured, from left, are volunteers from Guthrie’s Radiology Department Rebecca Chandler, Paulette Kozemko, Ron Fahrenbach, Kelley Fahrenbach, Heather Wheeler, and Kennedy Wheeler (with Zarah – the shy, serious and sweet adoptable dog). Not pictured is Kathleen Grosser, who would not stop for pictures, but continued tearing out weeds with her bare hands. Provided photo.

Led by Heather Wheeler, the team arrived carrying pet food, pet toys and treats and the eternally needed kitty litter and cleaning supplies.  Within seconds of arrival, the team plunged into ripping the vines and brambles off the dog play yard fence.  

While most of the team chopped and hauled the brush off from the dog yard, expert gardener Kathleen Grosser attacked the iris beds, delicately preserving the iris plants while separating the invasive growth and eliminating it with her bare hands.  Kennedy Wheeler took a break to work with the kittens, and then walked Aspen.  

Guthrie employees celebrate ‘Radiology Days’
Ron Fahrenbach mows the lawn at racing speed on an incredible Husqvarna lawn tractor donated to the shelter with huge help from Northeast ATV Sales in South Waverly, Pa. Provided photo.

Actually, Kennedy ran with Aspen, at least they did zoom by very fast.  After Ron finished mowing the lawn with the high speed Husqvarna (thank you Northeast ATV Sales!) he walked the dogs, Freckles, Sherlock and Zarah.  After all that work, the crew spoke as though they would do it again next year! Freckles has been adopted, but Sherlock and Zarah are still adoptable.  Bradford County Humane Society is a no kill shelter, and is proud to be a United Way agency.

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