BCHS Pet of the Week for the week of November 17, 2019

Little Roo came to Bradford County Humane Society as a four-week-old orphaned kitten, barely old enough to eat some soft food. He was doing okay, but he seemed very quiet, which is worrisome, because not all orphaned kittens make it.  

He had some unusual physical traits as well, his little toes are flat and clawless and he has only two large toes on his back feet. All this made him seem very vulnerable. 

However, about a week later, the shelter got another orphaned kitten, Muffy.  She was the same age as Roo, and so they seemed like they might be good company for each other. Roo was very excited. He became very playful, and full of tricks to impress Muffy. He began to thrive. People were saying, “Roo has a little girlfriend.”  

Without question, Muffy has brightened Roo’s life. He is very proud to be with her, and she takes all the love and attention as her due. They would do very well with a person who is looking for two adorable kittens.  

Both Roo and Muffy are adoptable kittens at Bradford County Humane Society (BCHS). Roo is a black and white male kitten, and Roo is a tiger tortie female kitten. 

Roo and Muffy and other adoptable pets may be seen at pa19.petfinder.com, and may be visited in person at the shelter in Ulster. BCHS is a no kill shelter and is proud to be a United Way agency.

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