Cricket County returns to Grover

The Grover Church of Christ, located at 498 Grover Rd., will host their 17th annual dinner theatre on Dec. 13, 14 and 15, at 7 p.m. each evening. Tickets are now on sale and going quickly. You may obtain your tickets by calling (570) 673-5225. 

All tickets are $20.00 each (non-refundable), with children six and under free. The ticket includes a Roast Beef Dinner with all the trimmings, the show “Cricket County and the Cherished Christmas Gift”, plus dessert. A beverage buffet will follow the show. 

Southern hospitality awaits the pretentious city cousins as they reluctantly arrive at the land of pickup trucks, “aw shucks” and ampel yokel yucks! From the shape of their shoddily wrapped gifts, the city cousins are sure they’re getting a banjo, a washtub and a corncob pipe, and just like that their Christmas spirit is pfft-gone!

Entitled Mimi goes into full mean girl mode as she disdainfully calls out the country crew for scrimping on presents. But like Grandma says, “You can’t judge a featherbed by its moth eaten quilt.”  

Surprises reveal that while the country folk are 100 percent rustic and rural, their hearts are gilded 14K gold. 

Slapstick stitch abounds with Grandma’s new hard-of-hearing, hearse-driving beau; Glenda Mae’s seemingly futile quest to speak proper around baby Elmer, Jr. and Fester’s dimwitted shenanigans. It’s a holiday hoot!

The Cast for this season’s show includes The Country Bunch – Grandma (Carolyn Strunk), Elkin (Bill Route), Fester (Tim Scott), Glenda May (Yvonne Killian), Elmer (Don Stout), Brenda Mae (Sara Burguess), and Ottis Treesup (Jim Richart). The City Bunch includes Oswald (Chris Yuscavage), Pete (Paul Pidcoe), Mimi (Jo Richart), and Petunia (Edie Burguess).   

The lighting and sound person is Tom Newton, and the stage manager is LuAnn Sakers. The producers / directors for this show are Pastor Will Strunk and Jo Richart.

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