New Bookmobile has arrived!

New Bookmobile has arrived!Rosemary Wynott welcomes a visitor to the new bookmobile at one of its tour locations.

Shelves and shelves full of books driving down the road in Bradford County could only mean that the new Bradford County Library Bookmobile is on its way to deliver imagination, knowledge and excitement to its communities.

On Oct. 30 the Bradford County Library took possession of the new bookmobile. But it wasn’t quite finished.

New Bookmobile has arrived!
New bookmobile shows Sadie Allen’s painting in a wrap by Moose’s Enterprises.

The following Monday, they took it to Moose’s Enterprises for its wrap. Eight days later the wrap was finished.

It wasn’t just an ordinary wrap. The bookmobile committee had commissioned local artist Sadie Allen to do the painting last spring. They provided Allen with a description of what they wanted – a depiction of Bradford County as well as its readers. 

When Allen finished the painting, the bookmobile committee took the painting to Bob Lizzaz Studio where it was scanned at 300 digital pixels per inch that allowed them to expand the picture and maintain the quality resolution of it. The digital file went to Moose’s.  

New Bookmobile has arrived!
The back end of the new bookmobile, showing the wrap done by Moose’s Enterprises.

Allen’s painting is a full side of the bookmobile. The other side is graphic art. The back of the bookmobile is a photo of its interior, as if you are looking in from behind. When driving behind the vehicle it looks like there is no door on the back.

“The hood cover in front captures the magic of books,” said Rosemary Wynott. “It’s an open book.”

New Bookmobile has arrived!
The side of the new bookmobile showing the wrap done by Moose’s Enterprises, which is a photo of the inside.

The new bookmobile is handicap accessible by the back door. Carts can also be rolled out and brought into facilities if patrons aren’t able to come out. 

Inside there are many electrical outlets. According to Wynott, if there’s a power out, but roads are passable, the bookmobile can get to a community without power and people can come inside and charge their devices. In an emergency, those with oxygen machines can recharge them. It can be a lifesaving call.

“How many people, who many have need of life supporting machines have their own generators,” questioned Wynott.

New Bookmobile has arrived!
The hood cover on the front of the new bookmobile “captures the magic of books – it’s an open book!”

Of course, as its name says, the bookmobile is full of books that can be mobile. The new bookmobile has shelves full of a variety of books for adults and children, including large print books.

Behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats up front, there are standing work stations for checking out books and looking up information.

“It lets us interact with our visitors on a more personal level,” explained Wynott. “It’s easier to get into the back to help patrons find books.”

New Bookmobile has arrived!
From left, Rosemary Wynott and Katherine Ashworth are pictured in the new bookmobile at one of its tour locations.

There’s a TV screen mounted in the back for the purpose of demonstrating their online services if Internet access is available in that location, including a hot spot. This includes the on line catalog, e-books, book flicks and ACCESS PA services.

The new bookmobile is heated and air-conditioned. Lights can illuminate the perimeter for nighttime use. A built-in awning can be unrolled during inclement weather.

At the lower right hand corner of the back, it says, “Call 911 if flashing.”

“The bookmobile parks in lots of places,” explained Wynott. “But should it happen that we need assistance, we can turn on the amber strobe light to indicate the need for assistance.”

Since mid-November, the new Bradford County Library Bookmobile has been on the road visiting different locations throughout the county, open for tours.

Their schedule for December is as follows: Monday, Dec. 2 it will be parked at the Bradford County Library from 11 a.m. to noon; at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library in Troy from 1 until 2 p.m.; on Wednesday, Dec. 4 it will be at Page Manor from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.; on Wednesday, Dec. 5 it will be at the Wells Township playing field parking lot from 9 to 10:30 a.m.; Mosherville First Citizens Bank from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m.; at First Citizens Bank in Gillett from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.; at the Columbia Crossroads Post Office from 2 to 3 p.m.

“I just love the bookmobile,” said Pat Anthony. “I’ve loved it since I was a kid. My mother took me there. Then I took my own kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

Watch for the new Bradford County Library parked at different locations as well as traveling down the road. It’s going to bring a great deal of joy to our communities. 

And don’t worry if you are traveling right behind it. The books aren’t going to fall out. 

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  1. Wonderful story so glad there is a new bookmobile

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